Corruption at top and bottom

There are people who say Lokpal Bill targets corruption at top and does not make any difference to corruption at bottom. They do not know corruption at bottom is very often due to corruption at top.

A home minister takes four crore rupees as bribe to appoint a police officer as commissioner. The commissioner recovers that money from his juniors who in turn recover money from their juniors and so it reaches the level of constable. This also results in criminals going scot-free due to acts of commission and omission by police.

A chairman of a Public Service Commission takes 75 lakh rupees as bribe to appoint DSPs and judges. They recover it from their juniors and others.

If getting a driving licence, passport and income tax refund is difficult without paying bribe, people at the top are responsible for it. Transport minister is responsible for RTOs. People should question him about corruption in RTOs. Transport minister can act against corrupt employees.

If someone says he does not want zero corruption he is either corrupt or a beneficiary of corruption.

Some say PM should not be under Lokpal and he can be investigated after he demits office. That is closing the stable doors after the horses have fled. What if he does not demit office and gets re-elected or manages to retain office through foul means till his death? It seems Congress wants Manmohan Singh to quit as PM and Rahul Gandhi to take over. Manmohan Singh has not obliged.

Many have spoken about how Hong Kong was once corrupt and one day people came out on the streets and said we will not tolerate corruption. All corrupt persons lost their jobs. India can have such a day when Indians will come out in every city and village and say we will not tolerate corruption and demand dismissal of all corrupt people.

Death penalty for corruption has reduced corruption in China to a great extent and has made it a great power.

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