Corrupt Chief Justices of India

Shanti Bhushan, for law minister of India, has said eight of the 16 former Chief Justices of India were corrupt, six were honest and about two he is not sure. It means 50% of CJIs were corrupt. It means 50% of Supreme Court judges and High Court judges are corrupt. When S. P. Bharucha was CJI he had said 20% of the judiciary is corrupt. By Shanti Bhushan’s reckoning 50% of the judiciary is corrupt. It means 50% of judgments were wrong.

Shanti Bhushan must make public the names of CJIs who were corrupt. He must also reveal whatever he knows about their misdeeds. That will be a great service to the nation and help in cleaning the augean stables of corruption.

Some years ago chairman of Punjab Public Service Commission was under investigation for corruption. He, as per reports, took 75 lakh rupees each for appointment as DSP or judge. If someone pays 75 lakh rupees to become a judge what fairness can be expected of that judge?

Judges have used contempt of court provision to silence people from mentioning corruption in judiciary by holding that truth is not a defence in case of contempt of court. There was one magistrate who issued four arrest warrants for Rs.10,000/- each. The four to be arrested included the then President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and the then CJI Vishwanath N. Khare.

Removal of High Court and Supreme Court judges is a long process. It needs to be simplified. Removal of High Court judges should be by Legislative Assembly of the state. Removal of Supreme Court judges should be soon after sufficient number of MPs sign the petition.

It is not enough to remove corrupt judges. Suitable punishment should follow depending on the magnitude of corruption. Indian Penal Code needs to be amended for punishment according to magnitude of crime and consecutive sentences instead of concurrent sentences.


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  1. If it is found that 50% of the CJI are corrupt, then it just adds to the sad state of our country because of corruption.

    Recently there was an article of how Hong Kong was one of the most corrupt states with the police and public servants openly demanding money for their services even in situations like fire extinguishes.

    This brought people on to the streets with angry protests so much so that the mayor created an independent panel with powers for immediate action against the corrupt. It started with placing all the senior offices in prison.

    This solution was so effective that now Hong Kong is one of the least corrupt states.

  2. Dear Sir
    In India JUDICIARY is a most corrupt independent department, it is a slow poison to 340 lac millions Indians, as per law commission 230th report, above mention cases pending in courts, this AIDS spread by Judges, Police department, and Advocates to countrymen, Judiciary > soul of any country, Soul of India is not “A” grade it is 999% corrupt, 340 lacs pending??, this is a DATA, LIVE PROOF THEY ARE CORRUPT, only .001% we can say are honest, JUDGE Satyanaran ji one from Andhra pardesh, Judge Shori ji from HARYANA,
    Judiciary is Corrupt > Mr. moily law minister said in parliament, to know this bare truth – MORE – DATA – visit my web page see folder RKS -PKL, RKS Complaint sge,, see files bare truth, study all file, eyes and mind both will be open, i am a live proof, sushil kumar +971-55-7078684, FOR MORE DATA VISIT IN COURTS – INTERACT WITH SLOW POISON “AIDS” VICTIMS, UNLIMITED DATA WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL study file RKS complaint sge last page and apply your mind. One rice is enough to know the condition of all. Agreed ………

  3. it’s high time we helped too…inform, be a whistle blower to clean up the system!

  4. Its a revealing statement and astonishing one too. One can now understand why court case takes so long, why the elite convicts go Scot free or let of with minor punishment and above all why a poor suffer life long to get justice in the courts of law!

  5. high court of madras is ruled by one person senior advocate government pleader public procecutor of pondicherry t.murugasan. he is the master of all the illegal and filthy thinghs happen involving the high court judges. he was sacked only after a prolonged battle by advocates. but still he has that intimate link with the judges of the high court.

  6. Corrupt judges are now common language. every where corruption… there is in RATNAGIRI MAHARASHTRA from collector office to civil court judges are currupted and failure to judgement. because they need only money. we are facing problem from last 10 year we have all of legal documents. but oppsite party lowyer is very clever he is alway delaying to report or orgument asking time to next date, delayed within this time whatever is possible he is trying for (money)riswat to judge or waiting to tranfering the judges.

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