Colonial legacy and foreign things

On 2/4/2010 Jairam Ramesh took off his convocation gown and described it barbaric colonial legacy. It is colonial legacy but not barbaric but since he called it barbaric it seems for him all colonial legacy is barbaric.
India has lot of colonial legacy. What India today is colonial legacy. Should we disband the Republic of India and go back to the times before the British, the French and the Portuguese came and have many kingdoms?
The parliamentary system of democracy we follow is a colonial legacy.
Jairam Ramesh speaks English. English is a colonial legacy.
Printing press, newspapers, trains, cars, buses, trucks, post, telegraph, telephone, planes and radio are colonial legacies.
The judicial system we follow is a colonial legacy.
Congress, the party of which Jairam Ramesh is a member, is a colonial legacy.
There are people who are opposed to everything that is foreign. Many things are foreign but not colonial legacy.
TV, computer and many things we use today are foreign. Many things we consider Indian today were foreign at one time. Sanskrit was foreign. Roses and potatoes were foreign.
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