College admissions, boys and girls

Some colleges in Bangalore have 50% of seats for boys and 50% of seats for girls. This year girls performed better than boys in school board examinations. As a result cut off marks for girls are higher than for boys.
Many girls are upset. Many women say this is discrimination. A girl’s father has filed a writ petition in the High Court.
When performance of boys was better nobody talked of discrimination. When boys lost to girls who had less marks there was no talk of discrimination. Now equal number of seats has become a disadvantage to girls so there is shouting and criticism. Now many women want merit to be the only criterion.
Merit should have been the only criterion. People should have protested when colleges fixed equal number of seats for boys and girls. That time there should have been merit being the only criterion.
For this year admissions are over. For next year colleges may follow merit as the only criterion. However if boys perform better and get more than 50% seats girls should not complain and demand equal number of seats.
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