Climate and fuels

Some want ban on fossil fuels. They say fossil fuels are the main reason for climate change. It means end of petrol and diesel cars/other vehicles and air travel, use of coal, natural gas, kerosene and LPG.
There are no easy alternatives for fossil fuels. Electric cars are few and recharging them for long distance is a problem. Bullock carts and horse carts are slow and bringing them as replacement for cars will lead to protests by animal rights activists.
In France, Emmanuel Macron increased tax on petrol and diesel. That led to protests. Many protesters joined Yellow Vest protests. Macron had to decrease tax. Participation in Yellow Vest protests declined.
Natural gas is a fossil fuel. It is said to be less polluting than petrol or diesel and is used in buses and autorickshaws.
Coal is a fossil fuel used to generate electricity. It was used in trains. Diesel replaced coal in trains.
Diesel Generator Sets are used to generate electricity. Large parts of India do not have enough electricity. Many countries have one Earth Hour in a year where they switch off electricity. India has many Earth Hours like that every day. Replacing electricity with solar or wind power will take time.
Kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas are used for cooking. Use of firewood or cow dung cake will increase pollution.
Afforestation is a solution. However existing forests are not protected and forest fires cause destruction. This year Amazon and Indonesian forests had fires, some caused by men. Spain and Portugal have forest fires practically every year.
Great Green Wall is a project to plant trees in arid regions of Africa. It covers 20 countries. It is meant to reduce the size of Sahara and reduce temperature.
People were not using fossil fuels when the Last Ice Age ended. Before that when Ice Ages began and ended there were no human beings.
16 young people have filed a human rights complaint against Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Turkey for violating children’s rights by failing to take adequate action against climate change. The complaint was filed under Convention on the Rights of the Child. Except USA, other members of have ratified the Convention. The complaint is as per an optional protocol that allowed children to file complaints to Committee on the Rights of the Child if they feel their rights are violated. The protocol is ratified by 44 countries. India, China and USA have not ratified the protocol.
Solutions to greenhouse gas emissions should be practical and not that will take back to Stone Age.

Updated: September 24, 2019 — 12:36 pm

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