CBFC and film ban

CBFC is the authority to certify films for public exhibition. Once CBFC certifies a film nobody else should have the authority to ban the film. That includes state governments, Animal Welfare Board etc.

Somebody or the other gets offended due to something or the other. CBFC has guidelines. It certifies films according to them. It is the duty of the state governments to maintain law and order. Banning films due to violence or fear of violence or to avoid hurting sentiments is not right.
There was no need for Sharmila Tagore, chairperson of CBFC, to apologise for a line in a song in the film Aaja nach le.

If state governments can ban films there is no need for CBFC. It should be abolished. Let every state censor films.

Whether there should be film censorship is another matter. Some opine there should be no censorship, only grading or rating.

Updated: June 22, 2014 — 7:26 pm

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