Budget 2010

On 26/2/2010 Pranab Mukherjee presented India’s budget for the Financial Year 2010-11. Since 1992 prices used to come down after budget or did not go up. This time prices went up. Previously prices used to increase 15 days before the budget or some days after the budget or during the year and the government of the day used to claim that there is no increase of prices in the budget.
Income Tax categories are broadened. Discrimination against men and citizens who are not senior continues. Direct Tax Code will be applicable from 1/4/2011 and broadening Income Tax categories was a step in that direction.
Prices of air conditioners, cars, cement, cigar, cigarettes, tractors, jewellery, refrigerators and television sets go up.
Prices of petrol and diesel go up. Opposition MPs walked out when this was mentioned. This was an unprecedented act in India’s parliamentary history. RJD MPs who are part of UPA joined opposition MPs. Opposition MPs should not have walked out during budget presentation. Was it spontaneous or pre-meditated? It seems pre-meditated and a sign of the things to come. Opposition MPs have chance to move cut motions against the budget. If all those who walked out vote in favour of cut motions the government falls. The government is free to roll back hike in petrol and diesel prices. Pawan Kumar Bansal said increase in prices was roll back of decrease in prices that had taken place when oil price had gone up. Perhaps BJP MPs walked out because two days ago Congress MLAs in Gujarat had walked out when the budget was presented. Other opposition MPs did not want to be left behind. BJP and Left Front coming together is not spontaneity.
Prices of food grains is a concern and budget has no control over them. Food is needed daily.
All people in India pay taxes, direct or indirect. Many taxes are going towards funding subsidies, public distribution system and poverty alleviation programmes. Any scheme where there is corruption should be abolished.
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  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

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