BJP, JMM and Jharkhand

On 28/4/2010 BJP withdrew support to Shibu Soren led government. It was to submit a letter to the governor of Jharkhand the next day. Shibu Soren’s son Hemant Soren stepped in. He wanted BJP to continue to support. Shibu Soren will step down. Hemant Soren will be CM. BJP did not agree. Hemant Soren proposed that CM can be from BJP.
BJP had candidates to be CM. BJP forgot about withdrawal of support. Now the discussion was who should be CM. One candidate was opposed to coalition with JMM. The chance of becoming CM made him forget about it.
Some MLAs in JMM are opposed to BJP CM. They were not ministers in Shibu Soren government and they have no hope of becoming ministers in BJP led government. However they do not have enough members in their groups to cause a legal split.
On 1/5/2010 BJP decided to give time to Shibu Soren to settle differences within JMM. If Congress splits JMM and forms government in Jharkhand, BJP will have neither CM, nor revenge.
Instability has ruined Jharkhand. There is no sign of stability as long as the present Legislative Assembly lasts.
Jharkhand events are one more reason for India to give up parliamentary system and switch to presidential system.
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