Baba Ramdev and BJP

Baba Ramdev’s decision to found a political party and contest 543 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 has the BJP worried. BJP President Nitin Gadkari has appealed to Baba Ramdev not to go ahead with the project. BJP is worried that Hindu votes will be split.
BJP and Baba Ramdev have some things in common. Both want Hindu Rashtra. Both talk of getting back black money in foreign banks.
Baba Ramdev knows the political parties in India. He has seen BJP’s rise and fall. He does not expect much from BJP.
BJP has alliance with various parties. It has no plan to contest 543 Lok Sabha seats in 2014.
Baba Ramdev wants death penalty for corruption, rape, dowry death, cow slaughter and terrorism. Many in India will oppose death penalty for cow slaughter. BJP would not like to have death penalty for corruption.
Baba Ramdev has said he had been preparing for the party for 20 years. He is unlikely to heed to BJP appeal or enter into a coalition with BJP.
Baba Ramdev’s estimate of black money is Rs.258 lakh crores. It is not known how this figure was arrived at. When this money comes to India what will be the exchange rate of rupee? Will the value of rupee vis-a-vis other currencies go up? If one rupee becomes equal to one dollar or euro or pound it is fine. This is presuming that Rs.258 lakh crores is Indian money illegally kept in foreign banks and the depositors will let it be there till India gets it back.
Baba Ramdev wants swadeshi. He wants to change educational, health, legal, economic, political, agricultural and administrative systems. In BJP some were in favour of swadeshi and they were not successful.
RSS has not said anything about Baba Ramdev’s political agenda. It controls BJP. It is unlikely to support Baba Ramdev.
Both BPJ and Baba Ramdev should realise that there are many in India who do not want Hindu Rashtra or Rama Rajya. For them Rama Rajya means oppression of Dalits and women. Non-Hindus can not expected to vote for a party that wants Hindu Rashtra.
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  1. There is some wrong information in this post. Baba Ramdev is not advocating a Hindu Rashtra. This is the manifesto of his party. It clearly supports a secular ideology.

  2. I would like to point out one more thing. It is mentioned above – “For them Rama Rajya means oppression of Dalits and women.”

    Well, in the later period(probably from 200 BC onwards) of Indian history, the caste system had turned evil. But the the early caste system that existed during the time of Ramayan and Mahabharat was based on one’s occupation and was not rigid. For example, Valmiki revered by many as a respectable sage was originally a shoodra by caste(ie occupation). But he compiled the story of Ram and attained a brahmanic status in the Indian society. Similarly sudama (a shoodra) was one of the dearest friends of Krishna (a kshatriya). Krishan and sudama shared food with each-other and also krishna washed the feet of sudama when sudama had come to Krishna for financial help.

    Hence Ram Rajya by itself does not mean oppression of dalits(former shoodras). The evil of caste system is related to the later period of Indian history and not with Ram or Krishan era. So associating oppression of dalits with Ran-Rajya is prejudice.

  3. respected baba ram dev g is a nationalist working for nation ,if he cotests election on the glove ,he will get 100% votes

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