Arvind Kejriwal resigns

On 14/2/2014 BJP and Congress opposed tabling of Jan Lokpal Bill in Delhi Legislative Assembly. Their excuse was Lieutenant Governor had not permitted it. There were 27 votes in favour of the bill and 42 against. Arvind Kejriwal had said if Jan Lokpal Bill is not passed he will resign. AAP was born on the issue of fighting corruption and Jan Lokpal Bill was an important promise in AAP manifesto. Arvind Kejriwal said FIR against Mukesh Ambani was the reason Congress and BJP joined together publicly to oppose Jan Lokpal Bill. Around 8 p.m. he addressed AAP members. He said there was nothing unconstitutional about the bill. Those who say we wanted permission of Central Government are lying. Central Government behaves like they are from London. Lieutenant Governor behaves as if he is Viceroy. He was ready to sacrifice chief minister’s chair a hundred times for Lokpal. He is ready to die for the country. How is fight against corruption unconstitutional? He mentioned his government’s achievements. What MPs did in Parliament in previous day BJP and Congress MLAs did in Delhi Assembly. He was going to meet the Lieutenant Governor to submit resignation. Delhi Legislative Assembly should be dissolved and fresh elections ordered.
AAP had to come to power on 28/12/2013. It did many things differently. It ordered CAG audit of power distribution companies. It fulfilled promises of water supply and reducing electricity tariffs. Corruption disappeared to a great extent. It failed cases in Commonwealth Games scam and other matters. Ministers did not use beacons. They did not live in government bungalows.
Soli Sorabjee, Dushyant Dave, and some lawyers had said AAP Government did not need Lieutenant Governor’s permission to introduce legislation in Delhi Legislative Assembly. Ashutosh had called LG Najeeb Jung a Congress agent and was associated with Reliance.
AAP did not achieve many of its objectives. Delhi Police is not under Delhi Government. Delhi did not get statehood. Without control over police Arvind Kejriwal could not have maintained law and order in Delhi. By going on dharna Arvind Kejriwal made it clear police was not under him and he should not be blamed for murders, rapes, and other crimes.
You do not win fight against corruption by dying. You have to make the corrupt die. Arvind Kejriwal should know that.
Some channels had turned hostile to AAP. NewsX was hostile from the beginning. Headlines Today turned against AAP. The nation wants to know why Arnab Goswami turned against AAP after his interview of Rahul Gandhi? What happened? Did Robert Vadra arrange the interview? Did it take place in Jawahar Bhavan? Was Priyanka Gandhi present during the interview? CNN-IBN is under Mukesh Ambani.
Lok Sabha elections are close. Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP leaders are free to contest them. The target is 272 seats. They have declared some candidates.

Updated: February 15, 2014 — 7:42 am


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  1. He could have gone a bit slower.

  2. You need to follow the chief editor of News X Mr Jehangir Pocha. They speak like mouthpiece of AAP. Even though AAJTAK has tried to remain neutral but its editor Punya PrasunBajpayi has been found in secret meeting with AAP and then he would not speak a single sentence on any news without mentioning what all AAP achieved. Here is my reply to you sir

  3. Good things can’t last in politics. Kejriwal will succeed only when he learns a little corruption!

  4. Kejariwal playing to the gallery. If he is sincere passing the bill, a) he could have challenged the center intervention in the court b) he should have taken sms poll which he did before becoming the CM.

    Everyone looks for his own gain. Before coming to power, he claimed of having evidence Sheila Dixit and didn’t even file a FIR against her.

  5. He filed FIR in Commonwealth Games scam. That is indirectly against Sheila Dikshit.

  6. I couldn’t agree with you more.We are so used to the typical politicians that we are not able to digest one who is different.The media, particularly the English ones seem to be unfair. More time and support need to be given to an outfit that is working towards redeeming what we have been complaining about for years

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