After Commonwealth Games

Delhi Commonwealth Games are over. Congratulations to athletes who won medals. Condolences to athletes who did not win.

Now the following needs to be done.

India should quit Commonwealth.

There should be investigation into corruption in 70,000 crore rupees spent for Commonwealth Games. There are reports that CAG, CBI, CVC, ED, IT department and some committees will investigate the corruption. We have to wait and see what happens. The proof of pudding is in eating. It is said that CPWD, PWD, DDA and MCD are not co-operating with CVC. CVC himself is under cloud for corruption. BJP had opposed his appointment and boycotted his swearing-in. In stamp paper scam the amount came down from 37,000 crore rupees to 3,000 crore rupees. The investigation had come across names of politicians who made money from the scam. Nothing happened to them. Most investigations end up in cover-ups.

People who were responsible for the mess before Commonwealth Games should go. Otherwise the government should not finance Indian Olympic Association.

Those who mismanaged ticket sales should be punished. For most events stadia were empty. Those who wanted to buy tickets could not get. They were told all tickets were sold. Where did the tickets go? There was one report that tickets were sold in black markets and a ticket costing 750 rupees for closing ceremony was available in black market for 25,000 rupees.

Let us not be complacent about our achievements. We won 38 gold, 27 silver and 36 bronze medals, in all 101 medals, but that does not mean we will do well in Olympics. In 2002 India won 30 gold medals in Commonwealth Games. In 2004 India won one silver medal in Olympics. In 2002 India won 22 gold medals in Commonwealth Games. In 2004 India won one gold and two bronze medals in Olympics. Next month we have Asian Games. Let us see how many medals there.

Flats in Commonwealth Games Village should be auctioned online as was done for 3G spectrum. That way we can recover part of money spent on Commonwealth Games and see that common wealth does not become personal wealth.

Greece hosted Olympics in 2004. It went bankrupt in 2010.

Stadia built for great sporting events turn out to be white elephants. For Delhi Commonwealth Games the amount spent on stadia was 10 times of the usual amount. The stadia can be auctioned minimum amount being amount spent on stadia. When necessary they can be hired.

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  1. what was the exact amount of money which was used for corruption?

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