Abolish Planning Commission

Road Transport and Highways Minister Kamal Nath has called Planning Commission an “armchair advisor”. On 5/7/2010 he publicly criticised the Planning Commission. He was not happy with its approach. He gave the example of Delhi Airport Terminal 3. He asked one official “How did you do it?” He got the reply “Planning Commission and their people had nothing to do with it.”

USSR had Five Year Plans. India imitated USSR. Planning Commission was established for Five Year Plans. It is time to put an end to Planning Commission and Five Year Plans. In a free market economy there is no place for such things.

Planning Commission’s projects have resulted in displacement of large number of people. There are delays and cost overruns. Factories turn white elephants. Many Public Sector Undertakings are making losses. Inflation increases.

Ministers who are unhappy with Planning Commission should speak up their mind. The country will be better off without Planning Commission. The money that will come from the sale of Yojana Bhavan will bring down budget deficit.

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