AAP and communalism

For long fight against corruption has been the main theme of AAP. The party was born to fight against corruption. It was strange to hear Arvind Kejriwal say communalism is a bigger problem than corruption.
On 26/2/2014 while addressing Muslims at India Islamic Cultural Centre, Arvind Kejriwal said “Communalism is a bigger problem in front of the country than corruption and it is never about people fighting each other. It is political parties who pit communities against one another for narrow electoral gains. But the truth is, neither has BJP ever done anything for Hindus nor Congress for Muslims.” He also said “Communalism is a bigger problem than corruption because corruption only results in loss of money but due to communalism people lose their lives and families are shattered.”
If Arvind Kejriwal wanted to woo Muslims he could have said communalism is a great problem like corruption. Some Muslims say communalism is a bigger problem than corruption. When India Against Corruption began its movement against corruption under Anna Hazare’s leadership some Muslims did not support them saying for them communalism is a bigger problem than corruption. It seems Arvind Kejriwal wants those Muslims on his side. But this is a zero sum game. Arvind Kejriwal will disappoint supporters who sided with him in the fight against corruption. If he gets some votes, he will lose some votes. BJP will accuse him of Muslim appeasement. During Delhi elections Arvind Kejriwal had the support of a Barelvi leader. Some criticised him for that.
One cannot please everyone. Muslims as a whole do not vote for any single party. Voting differs from election to election. Congress, SP, BSP and other parties get votes from Muslims.
AAP should stick to its principles and continue. Corruption was the main issue. There was promise of grassroots democracy and end of high command culture. Giving Lok Sabha tickets to outsiders has angered who believed in AAP principles. AAP members have spoken against candidates from Chandni Chowk, Ludhiana, and Nagpur. If corruption is not the main issue AAP will lose more supporters.
Fight against corruption is AAP’s USP. Without it AAP is doomed.

Updated: February 27, 2014 — 8:32 am


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  1. I was a friend of AAP but off late seeing their shenanigans and resignation of Kejriwal fo lok sabha or whatever it is, made me think again.
    Besides, why do ppl from AAP instead of managing the Delhi constituency that they won, have to give their lectures on Kashmir? Aren’t they under qualified yet?

  2. Politics is the name of game.

  3. Communalism is here to stay in India. It sustains India! Without Pakistan as an enemy, what would India do?
    If AAP can fight communalism, bring it under control, fine and good. But how?

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