A Tale of Two Scams

After Commonwealth Games were over investigation into corruption in Commonwealth Games began by various agencies. There was lot of noise about raids. Contractors were raided. No raid on residence or office of any IOA official or minister associated with the Games.

Then Adarsh Society scam made news. Ashok Chavan, chief minister of Maharashtra, offered to resign. The scam reports exposed many ministers, bureaucrats and defence personnel. Ashok Chavan’s predecessors who wanted to replace him were also exposed. Media reported about Adarsh Society and forgot about Commonwealth Games.

Rugby stadium built for Commonwealth Games at the cost of three hundred crore rupees is dismantled. Money spent on it is a waste.

Is it just a coincidence that Adarsh Society scam made news when Commonwealth Games scam was big news? Is it Operation Cover-Up to save people involved in Commonwealth Games scam? Are ministers in Maharashtra pawns who can be sacrificed to save king? Why did coverage of Commonwealth Games scam stop? Are people of India taken for a ride? Adarsh Society was in the making for many years. Why were no reports about the scam? One newspaper claims it reported about the scam in 2003. What did it do after that? The newspaper defends Suresh Kalmadi. Its reports on corruption in Commonwealth Games did not have anything significant. It talked of ignoring corruption. That is journalism of corruption. One TV channel claims it reported about the scam when it reached 27 floors. Why did it remain silent after that?

There are other scams as well. One channel mentioned that CAG report put loss suffered due to 2G spectrum scam was 1.76 lakh crore rupees.

It seems Adarsh Society scam reports are an attempt to make people forget about Commonwealth Games scam. Those who manipulate media should remember that you cannot fool all the people all the time. Even if one person sees through the game, the game is over.

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