Vincent Van Gogh and I

Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are sold for millions of dollars today. During his lifetime his paintings did not get him much money. One painting was sold for a small amount. He died at the age of 37.
There are some similarities between me and Vincent Van Gogh. He was not successful during his lifetime. So far I am not successful in many things I did.
I do not know many successful people who had Vincent as their first name. There was Vicente Fox, President of Mexico. Vicente is the Spanish form of Vincent. There was Vincent Price, a British actor. There are some saints: St. Vincent, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Vincent Ferrer, St. Vincent Palotti and so on. People are declared saints after their death.
Some names and events have coincidences. There were seven kings of Scotland who had the name James. Their fathers died during their childhood. There were three kings of England who had the name Richard. They had violent end. Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleon III lost their empires. Napoleon II was an emperor only in name. In British royalty women who had the name Jane died young. Some were beheaded.
Sometimes I feel I am the right person at the wrong place at the wrong time. At one time the High School I attended had the classification by age for sports. Those who were below 16 years were juniors and above 16 years were seniors. That would have suited me. When I was in High School it was by height and I was at a disadvantage.
I wish to be famous and successful during my lifetime. I hope I will succeed.

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