Sania Mirza getting married

When TV channels announced that Sania Mirza was getting married to Shoaib Malik there was disbelief. There was no report of her being seen together with Shoaib Malik. Sania Mirza had not said anything.
Next day Sania Mirza confirmed the news. After marriage they will live in Dubai which is second home to her. It is three hours flight from Dubai to Hyderabad.
That led to various reactions. What should have remained a personal and family matter became a political issue. In Pakistan there was joy and people danced. In India some groups opposed Sania Mirza marrying a Pakistani. Some said Sania Mirza should not represent India.
Then came a twist in the tale with the report that Shoaib Malik was married to Ayesha Siddiqi. Ayesha Siddiqi, her father and mother said the marriage was by telephone and they produced the nikahnama which did not have registration number and date. Shoaib Malik’s brother-in-law questioned the validity of nikahnama. Ayesha Siddiqi’s family wanted divorce. Shoaib Malik’s brother-in-law claimed Shoaib was duped by Ayesha during internet chats by showing Maha’s photograph as her photograph. Ayesha Siddiqi’s family sent a notice to Shoaib Malik and Shoaib Malik’s family engaged a lawyer in Delhi. As on 5/4/2010 there is an FIR against Shoaib Malik in Hyderabad. There was report of his passport being confiscated or impounded. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister asked its High Commissioner in Delhi to intervene in Shoaib’s case. After that came report that Shoaib’s passport is not confiscated or impounded but taken for scrutiny.
Sania Mirza does not need a certificate in patriotism by people who get offended when someone says I am an Indian and any Indian can live anywhere in India. It is for AITA to decide depending on Sania Mirza’s fitness and form. She has expressed her willingness to represent India in Commonwealth Games 2010, Asian Games 2010 and Olympics 2012.
TV channels should show responsibility in covering the news. They should not show or interview people who belong to the lunatic fringe and oppose the marriage and threaten that they will not allow Sania Mirza to play in India. Without publicity they are zero.
India should ban marriage on telephone.
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