Richest fictional character

The richest fictional character is Vitus in my novel King. The book was written in 2009.
As per one report Forbes has named Carlise Cullen, a vampire worth $34.1 billion, as the richest fictional character. A billion is one followed by nine zeroes. Vitus in my novel King is a gogoolplexer. A gogool is one followed by hundred zeroes. A gogoolplex is one followed by a gogool zeroes. A gogoolplexer is one who owns property that is worth a googolplex. Vitus owns property worth a googolplex guilders. Forty guilders are equal to one dollar. In guilder terms Carlise Cullen is worth 1,364,000,000,000,000. It is a 16 digit number, much less than googol, leave alone gogoolplex.
It is interesting that list of fictional characters are listed according to their wealth. This may lead to authors creating fictional characters richer than the one listed as the richest.
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Updated: April 24, 2010 — 10:53 am

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