Assumptions of titles

For a long time monarchy was universal. Over the last 250 years many countries have abolished monarchy and the titles of monarchs are not used.

This year Pope Benedict XVI gave up the title of Patriarch of the West. Annuario Pontificio 2006 did not mention it. I had written to the Pope to assume it again but the Pope has not done so.

I assume the following titles:

1) King of Konkan
2) Patriarch of the West
3) Czar of Russia. Russia includes territories under Czars.
4) Kaiser of Germany.
5) Emperor of India, China, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Mexico and Austria. India includes territories that were part of Mauryan and Mughal Empires, British India and princely states.
6) High King of Ireland
7) King of Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Poland, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Brazil and other countries. Other countries include all countries without monarchy. If a country has monarchy now and it is abolished in future the title of King of that country will be added to the list.

Updated: July 10, 2014 — 8:57 pm

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