Climate Change

We are witnessing unusual weather patterns. The winter was very severe in large parts of Europe and that affected travel. Moscow was warm. Some countries had unexpected snowfall. Some countries had floods. For Winter Olympics in Vancouver there is not enough snow and it has to be transported from other parts of Canada. In Kashmir there was an avalanche on 8/2/2010 that resulted in the death of many soldiers, as per one report 15. There were two more avalanches on 9/2/2010. There are conflicting reports about climate change, what causes it and what has to be done. As per one report Himalayan glaciers are melting and they will disappear by 2035. That is said to be wrong and another report says Himalayan glaciers will disappear by 2300. Someone said glaciers have been melting since Ice Age and some glaciers are expanding. There was controversy about Amazon forests. IPCC is under attack. There is talk about reducing pollution but how to go about it is debated. Developing countries blame developed countries. Developed countries want developing countries to co-operate. NGOs have their agendas. Some even say reducing the size of Ozone hole is bad for environment. Volcanic eruptions cool the earth. They have taken place before global warming became a problem. Coal and oil are finite commodities. One day they will get over. Destruction of forests needs to be stopped and reversed. That can result in better climate and reduce droughts and floods. Link to e-book King – a novel:

Updated: February 11, 2010 — 11:51 am

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