No Nobel Prize for Economics

Right is right even if nobody is right. Wrong is wrong even if everybody is wrong, every TV channel is wrong, every newsreader and anchor is wrong, every newspaper and magazine is wrong, every yearbook is wrong, Supreme Court is wrong.

Amartya Sen did not win Nobel Prize for Economics. Paul Krugman did not win Nobel Prize for Economics. There is no Nobel Prize for Economics.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel established Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Medicine and Peace in his will which he signed on 27 November 1895. The prizes were first given on 10 December 1901.

What is popularly known as Nobel Prize for Economics is Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences. Bank of Sweden established this prize in 1968 and first awarded it in 1969. This prize is announced after Nobel Prizes are announced and given together with prizes for Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Medicine in Stockholm. Sveriges Riksbank Prize is not Nobel Prize.

Updated: June 13, 2012 — 12:36 am

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