Sunday sermons

One person wrote an article in Examiner criticizing the length of Sunday sermons. He found the sermons long and boring. Times and India and DNA reported about this article. From these reports I understand the writer has some views.
1) Sermon should not be more than seven minutes.
The writer bases this argument on some communication experts.
2) There should not be 20 minutes sermons in one hour mass.
Sermon is an integral part of Sunday Mass. The priest has a duty to preach. It he does not preach he is guilty.
How long the sermon should be is for the priest to decide. All priests are not gifted orators. Some can hold people’s attention from beginning to end. Others are not able to do so.
Boredom is subjective. One sermon may be found boring by one and interesting by another.
There can not be any time limit on sermons. If there is one hour for mass and priest takes 20 minutes for sermon other parts are finished in 40 minutes. Eucharistic ministers take part in communion distribution.
Sunday is the Day of the Lord. It is for prayer and rest. The argument that people are busy has no substance.
If some priests preach during masses on week days it is good.

Updated: June 22, 2014 — 3:03 pm

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