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Thoughts on 24/11/2006

Christianity and Islam do not have caste system. Christians and Muslims who practise caste system go against their religions. In Christianity all are children of God. In Islam all are slaves of God.

India should not interfere in Sri Lanka. LTTE wants independent Tamil Eelam. Sri Lanka is opposed to it. No compromise is possible. Peace efforts are bound to fail. Humanitarian crisis is not the reason for interference. It is for the UN to interfere.

The situation in Iraq is getting worse by the day. The earlier the US led forces get out the better for them.

Barbara Bush’s purse and mobile phone were stolen in a restaurant in Buenos Aires in spite of the presence of secret service agents. What type of security the agents provide?

India were all out for 91 in 29.1 overs against S. Africa in Durban ODI and lost by 157 runs. Our batting is not good enough.

Pope Benedict XVI referred to St. Thomas as Apostle and not Apostle of India. He said St. Thomas preached Christianity in Western India. This has created a stir in Kerala where many Christians claim they are descendants of people who were converted by St. Thomas.

The resurgence of Taliban raises several questions. What was NATO doing? How Taliban got support in Pakistan? Why democracy has not become strong in Afghanistan?

In Bombay accidents take place and people who sleep on pavements die or get injured. Driving without observing speed limits and traffic rules can result in death and injury. Drunken driving is dangerous. Law regarding permits for drinking is not enforced. Legal age for drinking is 25 or 26 and it should not reduced. Pavements are not for sleeping. Contractors should not bring labourers from distant places and put them on pavements. Bombay Archdiocese should let law take its course. Getting involved in cases will divert its energies from its missions.

Thoughts on 8/9/2006

Events in Jharkhand show once again why we need Presidential System. An independent member becoming the Chief Minister is a joke.

Haj subsidy should go and Muslims should be free to go on Haj by any airline. Air India’s air fare for Haj was Rs.32,000/- and pilgrims were required to pay Rs.12,000/-. Every pilgrim got a subsidy of Rs.20,000/-. Pilgrims should be free to travel by other airlines if they want. If they are able to travel for less than Rs.32,000/- it is better for them. There should be no subsidy for pilgrimages of any religion.

China has drought. India has floods. Barmer which had drought for six years had flood. London’s tempetature was higher than of Delhi.

Today (8/9/2006) (Eighth September 2006) is the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady. This feast is celebrated by Catholics in Mangalore. Schools have holidays. It used to be a harvest festival with vegetarian meals. Some families have made it non-vegetarian.

I receive many messages by E-Mail which are multiply forwarded. Two messages were so big that they went into spam. It takes a long time to go through the list of forwarders and reach the message.

Tuesday the 11th terrorists strike

On 11/9/2001 terrorists hijacked four aeroplanes in USA. Three were used as missiles. One crashed. Around 3000 people died. It was Tuesday.

On 11/3/2004 there were blasts in trains in Madrid. Around 200 people died. It was Tuesday.

On 11/7/2006 there were blasts in trains in Bombay. Around 200 people died. As per Indian Express the number is 187. It was Tuesday.

Tuesday the 11th seems to be the favourite for some terrorists. Who are they? Why Tuesday the 11th? I have no answer. Can someone tell?