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India and Security Council

India wants permanent membership of UN Security Council. Some argue the Security Council reflects the reality of 1945 and it should reflect the reality of 2010. In 1971 Taiwan (Republic of China) was expelled from UN and its seat went to China (People’s Republic of China). In 1991 USSR disintegrated and its seat went to Russia. So the UN Security Council reflects the reality of 1991. In 1945 India was a colony. In 1991 Indian economy was in bad shape. Reality of 2010 means France and UK should not be members of Security Council but nobody is saying that. In 2003 France opposed invasion of Iraq and some Americans wanted France’s seat to go to India.

In 2010 India is a major contender for permanent membership of UN Security Council. Other major contenders are Germany, Japan and Brazil. France, Russia and UK support India. USA says the issue is complicated. China claims Arunachal Pradesh and some other parts of India as its territory.

Italy opposes Germany. Japan has territorial disputes with China and Russia. USA supports Japan. USA will not support Brazil. India alone can not become a member of Security Council. Nigeria and South Africa want to represent Africa in Security Council. All claims are to be considered and China, France, Russia, UK and USA have to agree on new members. That is unlikely for a long time to come.

Barack Obama wants to see India as a member of reformed Security Council. He also wants India to assume greater responsibility in matters of democracy and human rights. He mentioned Iran and Burma. India is a member of Security Council for 2011 and 2012. How India votes on Security Council resolutions will determine USA’s support to India.

India, Germany, Japan and Brazil can found an organization that will rival UN. They can be permanent members in the Security Council of the new organization.

Barack Obama and Golden Temple

Barack Obama is due to visit India and visit to Golden Temple proved a problem because of the headgear he was required to wear. Wearing a headscarf is asking for trouble as 18% of Americans think he is a Muslim and his wearing headscarf would have been seen by many as proof of his being a Muslim, an unacceptable risk. Baseball is not acceptable to temple authorities.

Some Americans are hostile to Barack Obama. They find fault with him for various reasons. Some blamed him for not showing emotion during BP oil well crisis. People who want emotion should see movies with emotion. Barack Obama cancelled his visits to Australia, Indonesia and some other countries to handle the crisis. When Pakistan had flood crisis Asif Ali Zardari went ahead with visits to UK and France.

Some question Barack Obama’s citizenship even though Barack Obama’s citizenship has been proved. Though such people are not large in numbers their mischief making potential is great. American economy has not improved to a satisfactory level and with about 10% unemployment Barack Obama’s popularity is low in USA.

After 9/11 many Americans mistook Sikhs for Muslims and some Sikhs were attacked. Osama Bin Laden and men close to him wore turbans and had long beard. Sikh men wear turbans and keep beard. Most Americans could not differentiate between Sikhs and Muslims. For them Sikh and Shaikh are one and the same. The photograph of Barack Obama at Golden Temple with Sikhs would have been interpreted by his opponents as Barack Obama at Golden Mosque with cousins of Osama Bin Laden.

Iran and USA

Iran has its nuclear programme. USA says Iran is developing nuclear weapons and there are American, EU and UN sanctions against Iran.

USA’s stand that Iran has violated NPT shows its duplicity. USA, UK, Norway and France helped Israel become a nuclear power by breaking NPT. USA supplied nuclear fuel to Israel to make nuclear bombs. Israel has more than nuclear bombs.

Israel is capable of defending itself against Iran. It can bomb Iran’s nuclear reactors. If Iran attacks Israel it can counterattack and obliterate Iran. American intervention is not required.

American military industry holds sway whether the president is Republican or Democratic. They want to sell their weapons of mass destruction so that their business may prosper. For them the mass destruction that takes place is collateral damage. USA is in war with five countries. For the American merchants of death that is not enough.

Hillary Clinton called on Iranians to depose Ahmedinejad when he is in USA for UN session saying Iranian election in 2009 was rigged. She should have made such a call to Americans when Al Gore was deprived of presidency in 2000.

Iran was an excuse for deploying missiles in Poland and Czech Republic. Russia protested as it felt it was the target of missiles.

China has concluded a nuclear treaty with Pakistan. If USA gets aggressive Iran may enter into a treaty with China and USA will not be able to do much.