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Death of Salman Taseer

Murder is a crime. It is more serious when a security guard murders his protectee. Security guards who allow their colleagues to murder are accomplices in murder. Murderers and their accomplices deserve death penalty.

Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab in Pakistan, was shot dead by a security guard. Other security guards allowed him to shoot. Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her security guards, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh. Other security guards were unaware of their intention. They shot Beant Singh and Satwant Singh. Satwant Singh survived, was tried and hanged.
Salman Taseer was against blasphemy law in Pakistan. He wanted the repeal of blasphemy law. Many Pakistanis were hostile to him.

Many people showered the murderer of Salman Taseer with rose petals. That was perverse. Shooting an unarmed and unsuspecting man one is meant to protect is an act of betrayal and cowardice besides being a crime.

Many Pakistani politicians did not condemn the murder or attend the funeral of Salman Taseer. They want to play safe and don’t want to offend fanatics. Nawaz Sharif condemned the murder but indirectly blamed Salman Taseer when he said Salman Taseer should have been more careful about his words and actions about blasphemy law. That is playing on both sides.

Afghan War

Americans are unable to win Afghan War. They can not win Afghan War. It is because American money is financing America’s enemies.

America gives money to Pakistan to fight Taliban. Pakistan finances Afghan Taliban who fight Americans. Sometimes Pakistanis directly attack Americans. During one such attack on a helicopter Americans fired back. Three Pakistani soldiers died. Pakistan closed its borders to NATO convoys. NATO tankers went up in smoke. Whether they were blown up by Afghan Taliban, Pakistani army or ISI is immaterial. All are on the same side.

America gives money to certain leaders for safe passage of its convoys. Those leaders give money to Afghan Taliban. Afghan Taliban collects money from employees who are paid by Americans. It is American money that is used against America.

America wants to end war and talk to “moderate” Taliban. Someone claims to be a Taliban leader. He meets some people and walks away with money before Americans discover he is an impostor.

Nothing is achieved by Afghan War. Afghans don’t want Americans or their NATO allies. They take money from whoever gives. America or Iran, it does not make a difference.

Al Qaeda and its associates have shifted to Yemen and other countries. Pakistan fights Pakistani Taliban.

There is no freedom of religion in Afghanistan. If any Muslim gives up Islam he can be put to death. In one case one person who became Christian was sentenced to death. He was allowed to leave Afghanistan on the ground that he was mentally unsound.

The earlier America gets ends Afghan the better it is for them. Afghan Taliban will not get American money and many people will desert it.

Haryana Burning

India continues to pay a price for persisting with reservations.

Jats in Haryana want OBC status. They have resorted to arson, looting and vandalism. They have threatened to disrupt Commonwealth Games if their demand is not met. Trucks and buses have been set on fire. Hissar railway station has been set on fire. Transportation disrupted. Banks looted.

Jats in Rajasthan got OBC status. Then Gujjars in Rajasthan who were OBCs wanted ST status and resorted to violence. Meenas opposed ST status to Gujjars.

It seems rule of law has no meaning in Haryana. Khap panchayats murder people and government does nothing. Haryana chief minister Bhoopinder Singh Hooda’s surrender to violence is shameful. He has said the damage to government and private property is done by anti-social elements instead of holding leaders of Jat Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti responsible for damage.

Central government must untie the Gordian knot of reservations. It must abolish reservations in legislatures, local bodies, government jobs and government educational institutions. That will put an end to become EBCs, OBCs, SCs and STs. Those who damage property must be made to pay for it. Policemen who do their duty should be not punished. The situation demands bold action.