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Indian spies in Pakistan

On 7/4/2011 Gopal Dass crossed the Wagah border and stepped into India. He was in Pakistani prison for 27 years. Prior to release it had been reported that Gopal Dass had inadvertently crossed the border and stepped into Pakistan. Gopal Dass after his entry into India said he was an Indian spy, had gone to Pakistan to spy, did not regret spying for India as it was his duty but the government abandoned him and did not want Indians to spy for the government. There are at least 30 Indian spies in Pakistani jails.

India regularly sends spies to Pakistan some of whom get caught. Mohanlal Bhaskar wrote his autobiography. He and many other Indian spies were betrayed by an Indian spy. The betrayer was also put in jail by Pakistanis.

India should acknowledge its spies and have an agreement with Pakistan for exchange of spies caught. Americans and Russians do it.

Some years back Kashmir Singh was released. He told he was a spy. Some days later Hamid Mir, a Pakistani, said on Times Now, Pakistan released Kashmir Singh and he went smiling. Next day India sent the body of Khalid Mehmood, a Pakistani cricket fan who had gone to India to watch a cricket match. Khalid Mehmood had died a few days before Kashmir Singh’s release. Some say he was a Pakistani spy.

One Indian spy who was released took part in a TV programme. He said Indian prisoners were kept separate from Pakistani prisoners.

Many countries send spies as diplomats and they have diplomatic immunity. When they are caught they are expelled and they return to their country. What does India want to know by sending spies? Many things can be known through satellites. Pakistan accuses India of terrorist activities. If Indian spies are doing it India should stop it.

US court and India

A US court in New York has issued summons to Kamal Nath to appear before it to answer charges of involvement in killing Sikhs in 1984 in a suit filed by Sikhs for Justice. The group has charged Congress with attacks on Sikhs. Why Kamal Nath is summoned and why not Sajjan Kumar or Jagdish Tytler is not known. H. K. L. Bhagat, known for his role in killing Sikhs, is dead.

US courts do not have jurisdiction over India. If they claim to have jurisdiction over India on some principle it is time for India to reciprocate. Suits must be filed against Americans in Indian courts. George H. W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and others must be summoned for killings of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places.

Many riots have taken place in India and most of the times victims have not got justice. Many victims of Sikh terrorism did not get justice. That does not mean other countries can try Indians for crimes committed in India.

Who are members of Sikhs for Justice? Why did they file a case in New York? Why did the court admit the case?

In Guantanamo Bay prisoners are held for years without trial.

Courts should not overstep their jurisdiction. Otherwise there will be anarchy.

Surrender is not maturity

After the government of Orissa surrendered to the demands of Maoists for release of a collector and an engineer BJD MP Jay Panda said the government acted with maturity. Maturity is a word overused and misused by journalists and politicians. Surrender is not maturity.

The state government abdicated its responsibility when it agreed to negotiate with criminals and accepted their demands. This makes mockery of the rule of law.

The risk of losing lives of hostages needs to be taken. If criminals kill hostages they are guilty of murder and they shall be caught dead or alive. If caught alive they shall be hanged after due process of law.
In 1972 Israel did not surrender to Black September when they abducted Israeli athletes in Munch. Israeli athletes died. Israel tracked down Black September members and killed them.

In 1972 Israel did not surrender when an aeroplane having Israeli passengers was hijacked and taken to Entebbe. It rescued hostages.

During the hearing of Binayak Sen’s bail application some EU observers had come to watch the proceedings. It is time for India to return the compliments. Indian observers should watch proceedings in some trials in EU countries. Trial of Julian Assange can be a good beginning.