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Tuesday the 11th Terrorist strikes

There are people who oppose death penalty to a terrorist even when the terrorist does not challenge his conviction and does not file a mercy petition. The jailor refuses to execute court’s order to hang him. The state government files a mercy petition.

Imagine a situation. A terrorist enters the studio of NDTV when We the people is telecast live. He shoots Barkha Dutt, Colin Gonsalves, K. C. Singh, Praveen Swami, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Ram Jethmalani, Majeed Memon, Naresh Gujral and so on. The terrorist goes to Kashmir, kills Governor, MLAs and High Court judges. The terrorist goes to Assam, kills Governor, MLAs and High Court judges. The terrorist goes to Tamil Nadu, kills Governor, MLAs and High Court judges. The terrorist goes to Punjab, kills Governor, MLAs and High Court judges. When MLAs are killed chief minister and other ministers are killed.

The terrorist is arrested. He says “My mission is incomplete. Next time I will succeed. I will kill President, Vice President, MPs, Supreme Court judges, Governors, High Court judges, MLAs and MLCs wherever they are. When MPs are killed prime minister and other ministers are killed.” The terrorist is prosecuted. He says he did not commit any crime. He killed evil people and their collaborators. Some deaths were collateral damage. He is found guilty by Sessions Court. He does not file any appeal. Someone files a PIL in High Court. High Court convicts him. Another person files a PIL in Supreme Court. From Sessions Court to High Court to Supreme Court he is sentenced to death. The terrorist does not file a mercy petition. Someone files a mercy petition. President rejects it. Date is set for hanging. Then someone goes to High Court challenging the rejection. He says the President took one year to decide on the mercy petition. Before that the terrorist was in prison for four years. Five years is too long a time to wait for hanging. The High Court stays the execution. The terrorist escapes from prison.

It is Tuesday the 11th. The terrorist is sitting in a bunker. Parliament, Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils are in session. The terrorist gives a command on his computer. Missiles carrying neutron bombs fly. Delhi and state capitals are hit. Those bombs kill people but leave buildings intact. People in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, Supreme Court, Governors’ Houses, Legislative Buildings, High Courts and many other buildings are dead. There are discussions on TV channels. Someone says “It was intelligence failure, not operational failure.” Another person says “The terrorist had told he will kill those people. Why was it not taken seriously?” Someone says “What do we do now? There is no president, prime minister, ministers and Supreme Court judges. There are no governors, chief ministers, ministers and high court judges. There are no MPs and MLAs and MLCs.” One panelist says to another “You went to High Court against his hanging. If he had been hanged my uncle would have been alive today. Shame on you.”

The anchor says “We have Breaking News. The terrorist is addressing the nation.” The channel switches to the speech.

“Friends, Indians, Countrymen,

Lend me your ears. I am your leader, Chief Executive.

Do not cry for the people who are dead. They were dishonourable people.

The choice was between country and democracy. What we called democracy was bad for the country. I have uploaded a new constitution on the government web site.

Politicians followed the policy of divide and rule. They made some Indians like SCs, STs, OBCs, women more equal others. India had become like George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Now all are equal. A few people benefitted at the expense of 121 crore people. They borrowed thousands of crores of rupees from banks and did not repay them while 121 crore people had to pay more taxes. Never in the history of the world so few people benefitted at the cost of so many people.

There was no justice. People went to court and got dates. Cases dragged on for years. Victims cried. Criminals laughed. They got stay orders and went in appeals. Prosecution lawyers joined together with defence lawyers. Some managed judges. Witnesses turned hostile. Evidence disappeared. When they were convicted they went to hospitals or got parole. CBI did the farce of searching for an absconder and in Supreme Court said they knew about her whereabouts and did not intend to arrest her.

Those who commit violent crimes will be drawn, hung, disemboweled, entrails burnt, beheaded and quartered. There will be caning or flogging for minor crimes. For some crimes there will be imprisonment or fine.

Farmers are free to export cotton, garlic, onion, potatoes, sugar, tomatoes and make profits. Industrialists should not benefit at the cost of farmers.

If any panchayat kills people all members of that panchayat will be buried alive and the village will be flattened and made a dumping ground.

Government will do its job in education. Private unaided and minority institutions will not be compelled to reserve 25% seats.

Taxes will come down by 1% per year. A time will come when no Indian will have to pay any tax. Anti-dumping duty may be there for imports less than cost price.

I will root out corruption. Any public servant who demands or accepts bribe will be buried alive. All public servants who took bribes up to now and all people who gave them bribes have 90 days to give declarations and they will have imprisonment or fine and will not be buried alive.

If any Indian anywhere or a foreigner in India is taken hostage we will begin rescue operation immediately and the hostage will be freed alive or dead. Hostage takers will be killed. Their bodies will be dumped into the sea or river or left on land to be eaten by beasts and birds. There should be no criticism of this policy on any TV channel and if I hear any criticism I will send a missile and destroy that channel.”

At this point one panelist says “My goodness, this is too terrible. I am leaving.” Soon other panelists follow. Then the anchor follows. The cameraman leaves and the channel is blacked out.

No negotiations with abductors

Abductors, hijackers, kidnappers, pirates and terrorists are criminals. Governments should not negotiate with criminals.

Maoists in Kandhamal have abducted two Italians, Paulo Boscusco and Claudio Colangelo. It is too bad that Orissa CM Naveen Patnaik has said Orissa government is open to any kind of negotiation with the abductors.

Naveen Patnaik should say “The abductors must release the hostages immediately and unconditionally. We will not negotiate with criminals. Any negotiation in the past was a mistake. We will not repeat our mistakes. I withdraw the offer any kind of negotiation. It is the duty of the state government to uphold law and order. Within one hour we must hear from the two Italians that they are free. Otherwise we will launch an operation to rescue hostages and catch abductors dead or alive. We will fight criminals. We will fight day in and day out. We will fight in season and out of season. We will fight during summer, monsoon, winter, autumn and spring. We will fight day and night. We will fight during light and darkness. We will fight from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. We will fight when the sun rises and the sun goes down. We will fight when the moon rises and the moon goes down. We will fight when there are stars in the sky and when there are no stars in the sky. We will fight unceasingly. Neither shall we be tired, nor shall we be weary. We will catch the criminals wherever they are. The criminals may run but they will not escape. We will smoke them out of their hiding places.”

Criminally Insane

Two psychiatrists in Norway have concluded that the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik who murdered 77 people is criminally insane which means he may be sent to lunatic asylum than to jail. This is strange. The terrorist knew what he was doing. He had planned in advance. The bomb blast he caused in Norway could have killed more people including Norway’s prime minister. He wore police uniform to deceive people. That is criminal planning. What is criminally insane? Either one is insane or not insane. The place of the terrorist is jail and punishment should be death. The psychiatrists who said he is criminally insane should be sent to a lunatic asylum.

Many criminals have got away from punishment on the ground that they were insane. Some have committed crimes and got away on the ground of temporary insanity. One of them was John Wayne Bobbitt’s wife who castrated her husband. When people are angry they say or do things which they normally do not. Murder and mutilation are crimes and letting off people on the ground of temporary insanity is not right.

If a person is insane and he kills people he should be shot dead. Lives of other people should not be risked to keep killers alive.