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26/11 and aftermath

Hemant Karkare

Hemant Karkare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On 26/11/2008 terrorists struck in Bombay. There were shootings at VT, Madam Cama Hospital, Leopold Café and later at Nariman House, Taj Mahal and Trident/Oberoi. Besides Indians citizens of UK, USA and Israel were targets. One terrorist was killed that night, another captured. Policemen belonging to ATS were killed that night.

Next day trains were running but offices were closed. There was no need to shut down the city. Cordoning off the areas where terrorists were holed up would have been enough.

Eight terrorists continued to play havoc at Nariman House, Taj Mahal and Trident/Oberoi. The operations against them continued till the morning of 29/11/2008. The attack lasted about 60 hours.

Heads began to roll. Shivraj Patil, Vilasrao Deshmukh and Raosaheb Patil had to resign. P. Chidamabaram became Home Minister at the Centre.

Pakistan has asked for evidence that its citizens are involved in terrorism against India. Even if the evidence is presented the terrorists will not be given to India. They will be tried in Pakistan.

Abdul Rahman Antulay on 17/12/2008 in Lok Sabha questioned about the death of ATS policemen Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte. Was it terrorism or terrorism plus something was the question? Congress dissociated itself from him. Hemant Karkare was investingating Malegaon blasts case and had received death threats.

Steps are being taken to combat terrorism. Setting up National Investigating Agency and amending Unlawful Activities Prevention Act is not enough. Terrorists have to be hit wherever they are. India should send missiles or unmanned aerial vehicles to destroy terrorist bases.

India should not have double standards regarding terrorism. India should not pressurize Sri Lanka to go soft on LTTE. LTTE should not get support from Indian territory.

Pirates of Somalia

When I was a boy I read stories about pirates.Piracy was a thing of the past.

Some years back I read about a piracy near Indonesia.I was surprised that piracy happened during our time.

This year piracy has increased.Pirates of Somalia have hijacked ships with impunity and demanded ransom and got it.USA, Russia and countries of Europe did not do much to prevent piracy or catch or kill the pirates.

Many Indian sailors had to suffer due to hijackings.Many are still in captivity.Sailors of many other countries are also in captivity.UN is silent.Countries have not done enough to protect their ships or sailors and catch or kill pirates.

Indian Navy has prevented the hijacking of two ships and destroyed a pirate ship.India has to act tough.Prevention is better than cure.Pirates should be killed.There should be no negotiations.India should annex Somalia.If any other country wants to annex Somalia let it declare so and guarantee that ships will not be hijacked.UN intervention in Somalia had failed.

Piracy should not have been there in the first place.Once it started it should not have been allowed to assume alarming proportions.There are no soft options.

Tuesday the 11th terrorists strike

On 11/9/2001 terrorists hijacked four aeroplanes in USA. Three were used as missiles. One crashed. Around 3000 people died. It was Tuesday.

On 11/3/2004 there were blasts in trains in Madrid. Around 200 people died. It was Tuesday.

On 11/7/2006 there were blasts in trains in Bombay. Around 200 people died. As per Indian Express the number is 187. It was Tuesday.

Tuesday the 11th seems to be the favourite for some terrorists. Who are they? Why Tuesday the 11th? I have no answer. Can someone tell?