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Perils and profits of plagiarism

Kaavya Viswanathan plagiariased from a novel and got caught. She did not apologise or express regrets. She said it was accidental and unintentional. Her book is taken off the shelves in USA and India. But she made headlines for four days on TV and newspapers. At 19 very few achieve that.

Many Indians plagiarise from novels, films and songs. Few get caught. They copy from English to Indian languages. Very few from the West know Indian languages. They do not read books in Indian languages, watch Indian films or listen to Indian songs. Kaavya copied from English to English and got caught. If she had copied from English to Tamil she would have got away.

Most of the Hindi films copy from English films. I give below names of some English films and Hindi films which have copied from them.

1) French Kiss – Pyar tho hona hi thaa

2) Indecent Proposal – Sauda

3) It can happen to you – Bade Dilwala

4) The Wedding Singer – Kahin pyar na ho jaye

5) The silence of the lambs – Sangharsh

6) Unfaithful – Murder

7) Unlawful entry – Fareb

Many in the USA plagiarise. They are caught soon because language is the same.

Many novels in Indian languages that have copied from English novels are brought to the notice of publishers. They do not make headlines for four days.

Plagiarists may think bad publicity is good publicity. They may be happy that they made news. If they are not caught they make money. If they are caught they have publicity. They win both ways.

Thoughts on 19/2/2006

UP Minister for Minority Welfare Yaqoob Qureshi should be arrested and prosecuted for announcing Rs.51 crore award for beheading of Danish editor. Giving a contract for a murder is a crime. The Governor should dismiss him immediately. Otherwise President should intervene.
The first session of a year of Lok Sabha has to be addressed by the President and the first session of a year of Legislative Assembly has to be addressed by the Governor. A session of a year has to end on December 31 and can not be extended to another year. Violations of this constitutional provision have taken place. Should not take place in future.
Hunting and agriculture are older than prostitution. Prostitution should not be confused with sex.
Dancing nude is not a sin. It is not adultery or fornication. Pondicherry should not be called sin city because of nude dances.

Letter to Shailaja Bajpai

This is in reference to your column on 6/2/2006.
FTV is telecast from Hong Kong. 9.30 p.m. IST is midnight at Hong Kong. I expected you to know that.
Midnight hot is a good programme. I watch it. It is good that it appears it at 9.30 p.m. It is a visual delight to watch models making a clean breast. Do not write against it. So far there is no controversy about it. Please do not start one. There is no compulsion to you or anyone to watch it. May be some women do not like midnight hot because there is nothing in it for them. Let those who are happy to watch it continue to do so.
Your column appeared on 6/2/2006. Till then midnight hot showed female models. That night male models were shown for some time. May be women do not like midnight hot because there is nothing in it for them.
You and many others have problems with female nudity. You do not have problems with male nudity. There is no criticism of telecast of men in underwears or men in full frontal nudity. In 2001 Naga sadhus in full frontal nudity were shown on DD. There was no criticism. Criticising women for nudity and not criticising men for nudity is double standards and sexual discrimination.
Indian Express dated 11/2/2006 has an interview of a female student of Aligarh Muslim University who was threatened and harassed by some fellow students for wearing jeans. Those students need to be arrested. Will you come out in defence of the female student?
Some years back someone went to Bombay High Court to stop the telecast of FTV. His contention was that bare breasted women were against Indian culture and people watch TV programmes with family members. The Judges reminded him that tribal women in India are bare breasted and they live with family members.
Once you wrote that Star Gold shows soft porn after midnight. I watched Star Gold after midnight and was disappointed.
There are serious issues that confront women in India that make TV headlines. Imrana’s father-in-law rapes her and a fatwa is issued that her husband becomes her son. Gudiya is happily married and expecting her child. Her first husband suddenly appears and she is told to go to her first husband. She is not asked to choose between the two. Even if her second marriage was illegal or invalid she could have divorced her first marriage and continued to live with her second husband but that option was not given to her.
There are films I like. It will be nice if you write in favour of their full and uncensored telecast. Some of them are given below. Ignore the dates in bracket.
China Moon
Coca Cola Kid
Unlawful entry
Wild Orchid
Eyes of a stranger
Poodle Springs
Fist of fury
Pretty woman
Last Emotion
Striptease (27/9/2002)
Death Wish 5 (2/11/2002)
Class (5/11/2002)
Hit the Dutchman (11/11/2002)
FX 2 ((15/11/2002)
Double Impact (18/11/2002)
To kill for (26/11/2002)
Italian Movie (2/12/2002)
Surviving Picasso (7/12/2002)
Hot Bubblegum (9/12/2002)
Teachers (20/12/2002)
No way out (23/12/2002)
Infinity (20/1/2003)
The woman in red (11/2/2003)
The Bounty (27/2/2003)
Cool Change (3/3/2003)
Fatal Beauty (10/3/2003)
Monkey Shine (1/4/2003)
Inferno (7/4/2003)
True Blood (14/6/2003)
Save me (30/6/2003)
Incognito (18/7/2003)
Norma Jean & Marilyn (21/7/2003)
Appetite (25/7/2003)
Terminator (7/8/2003)
Police Academy (21/8/2003)
Police Academy 2, 3, 4, 5 (22/8/2003)
The base 2
Out of sight (10/1/2003)
Body of evidence (24/2/2003)
Top gun (20/3/2003)
The other side of midnight (11/7/2003)
Coyote ugly (16/8/2003)
Rosemary’s baby (4/9/2003)
Black Magic Woman (6/9/2003)
Midnight Heat
Whispers in the dark
Dying young (9/12/2002)
Striking distance (30/12/2002)
Red letters (6/5/2003)
When Harry met Sally (26/5/2003)
Mr. Wonderful (12/6/2003)
Mission Impossible 2 (10/7/2003)
The Hunted (5/8/2003)
Erin Brokovich (5/8/2003)
American Beauty (11/8/2003)
Sea of love (14/8/2003)
Coyote ugly (16/8/2003)
Zebra lounge (16/8/2003)
Jackie Brown (18/8/2003)
The Prophecy II (18/8/2003)
Love and rage (19/8/2003)
Dark Angel (21/8/2003)
Bare witness (30/8/2003)
Everyone says I love you (1/9/2003)
Black Magic Woman (6/9/2003)
Separate ways (9/9/2003)
Meet Joe Black (12/9/2003)
Johnny skidmarks (16/9/2003)
Cruel intentions (16/9/2003)
Bridget Jones’s Diary (16/9/2003)
Miami Blues (17/9/2003)
Stealing Beauty (18/9/2003)
The fourth protocol (20/9/2003)
Indiscreet (20/9/2003)
No man’s land (28/9/2003)
Double jeopardy (28/9/2003)
Breathless (7/10/2003)
Female perversions (14/10/2003)
Angel of destruction (18/10/2003)
Miracle Beach (3/11/2003)
Sweet November (19/11/2003)
Gattaca (4/12/2003)
Double cross (6/12/2003)
Vanilla sky (10/1/2004)
Sexual predator (10/1/2004)
Shredder (10/1/2004)
Money train (14/1/2004)
Strangers (14/1/2004)
Dead on (29/1/2004)
Diabolique (29/1/2004)
The mask of Zorro (29/1/2004)
Fatal attraction (29/1/2004)
Hunting (3/2/2004)
Acts of love (8/4/2004)
Praise (8/4/2004)
Insomnia (8/4/2004)
Reason to Die (17/4/2004)
The killer inside (17/4/2004)
Hot target (15/6/2004)
Gangs of New York (1/8/2005)
Thank you.