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Bush visit

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Official photograph portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President George Bush visited India and nuclear deal was signed. There were protests against the visit. Our government had invited him. It was not proper to protest.

Bush has nothing to do with Danish cartoons. Protests in that regard were targeted wrongly.

Whether the nuclear deal is good for India is debatable. It needs to be ratified by US Senate before it comes into force.

Thoughts on 26/2/2006

Railway budget was good as there was no increase in fairs.
There is outrage at acquittal of criminals in Jessica Lall murder case. TV channels should not call the lawyers of the accused. Boycott of criminals and associates will send a strong signal to them. Re-investigation and re-trial are necessary. A brave constable was enough to get Sushil Sharma convicted. In Jessica Lall case three people did not have the courage to speak.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee owes an explanation to the nation to the saying of Hindujas that he said to them “We were unfair to you”.
The situation in Iraq is getting worse by the day.
Democracy is Philippines is not stable.
Benedict XVI has appointed 15 cardinals. I do not know whether anyone is above 80. Those who are above 80 should not be appointed cardinals as they do not have the right to vote in a conclave.

Thoughts on 19/2/2006

UP Minister for Minority Welfare Yaqoob Qureshi should be arrested and prosecuted for announcing Rs.51 crore award for beheading of Danish editor. Giving a contract for a murder is a crime. The Governor should dismiss him immediately. Otherwise President should intervene.
The first session of a year of Lok Sabha has to be addressed by the President and the first session of a year of Legislative Assembly has to be addressed by the Governor. A session of a year has to end on December 31 and can not be extended to another year. Violations of this constitutional provision have taken place. Should not take place in future.
Hunting and agriculture are older than prostitution. Prostitution should not be confused with sex.
Dancing nude is not a sin. It is not adultery or fornication. Pondicherry should not be called sin city because of nude dances.