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Happy Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate. It is the feast of joy, peace and happiness. Many people are today unable to celebrate. Christ did not have place in the inn. Today many people in Delhi and Ulhasnagar have lost their homes. Innocent people are punished. Guilty are free. They have the gall to ask for more bribes not to demolish.

Last year on 26th December tsunami struck and many people are still suffering. They are unable to celebrate.

The peace of Christ is not the peace of graveyard. I hope to have midnight masses all over India. Current exemption up to midnight is not enough. It has to be up to 2.00 a.m.

May all the shelterless find home. May the wounds be healed. May everyone who is good, right and just, be filled with joy, peace and happiness.

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Natal

CBN News and God TV

CBN News used to appear on GOD TV at 10.00 p.m. Indian Standard Time. Now it appears at 11.00 p.m. On some days it does not appear. I do not know why.

CBN stands for Christian Broadcasting Network. I do not know to which denomination the owner belongs. It appears he is not a Catholic.

Recently I noticed many things unchristian about this channel. Pat Robertson’s call for Hugo Sanchez’s assassination was criminal. Many times the channel meddles in politics. It justifies Iraq War. More than 2,000 American marines have died. Secular character of Iraq is destroyed. Fundamentalist Muslims dominate. The channel mostly sides with Republicans.

CBN News can do better. If it gets out of politics it can have wider appeal. It has done well to fight perversities like gay marriages. It should not confuse Christianity with America’s interests, fair or unfair.

Brain and heart

Contemporary medical science believes brain is the seat of the person. A person who is brain dead is declared dead and other living organs are transplanted. Many times people who had heart transplantations had change of personality. They even remember some things which happened to brain dead person. This raises question about declaring a person whose heart beats but brain is dead as dead. What if contemporary medical science is wrong? Now life can be prolonged with artificial hearts. If we can have artificial brains and make brain dead persons live how wonderful it will be?

At one time doctors believed blood letting will bring down temperature and cure fever. Many times blood letting brought down temperature to such levels that the patients died. Many theories and practices have been proved wrong. Medical scientists must re-examine their theories about brain and death.