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Assumptions of titles

For a long time monarchy was universal. Over the last 250 years many countries have abolished monarchy and the titles of monarchs are not used.

This year Pope Benedict XVI gave up the title of Patriarch of the West. Annuario Pontificio 2006 did not mention it. I had written to the Pope to assume it again but the Pope has not done so.

I assume the following titles:

1) King of Konkan
2) Patriarch of the West
3) Czar of Russia. Russia includes territories under Czars.
4) Kaiser of Germany.
5) Emperor of India, China, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Mexico and Austria. India includes territories that were part of Mauryan and Mughal Empires, British India and princely states.
6) High King of Ireland
7) King of Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Poland, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Brazil and other countries. Other countries include all countries without monarchy. If a country has monarchy now and it is abolished in future the title of King of that country will be added to the list.

Perils and profits of plagiarism

Kaavya Viswanathan plagiariased from a novel and got caught. She did not apologise or express regrets. She said it was accidental and unintentional. Her book is taken off the shelves in USA and India. But she made headlines for four days on TV and newspapers. At 19 very few achieve that.

Many Indians plagiarise from novels, films and songs. Few get caught. They copy from English to Indian languages. Very few from the West know Indian languages. They do not read books in Indian languages, watch Indian films or listen to Indian songs. Kaavya copied from English to English and got caught. If she had copied from English to Tamil she would have got away.

Most of the Hindi films copy from English films. I give below names of some English films and Hindi films which have copied from them.

1) French Kiss – Pyar tho hona hi thaa

2) Indecent Proposal – Sauda

3) It can happen to you – Bade Dilwala

4) The Wedding Singer – Kahin pyar na ho jaye

5) The silence of the lambs – Sangharsh

6) Unfaithful – Murder

7) Unlawful entry – Fareb

Many in the USA plagiarise. They are caught soon because language is the same.

Many novels in Indian languages that have copied from English novels are brought to the notice of publishers. They do not make headlines for four days.

Plagiarists may think bad publicity is good publicity. They may be happy that they made news. If they are not caught they make money. If they are caught they have publicity. They win both ways.

Thoughts on 19/2/2006

UP Minister for Minority Welfare Yaqoob Qureshi should be arrested and prosecuted for announcing Rs.51 crore award for beheading of Danish editor. Giving a contract for a murder is a crime. The Governor should dismiss him immediately. Otherwise President should intervene.
The first session of a year of Lok Sabha has to be addressed by the President and the first session of a year of Legislative Assembly has to be addressed by the Governor. A session of a year has to end on December 31 and can not be extended to another year. Violations of this constitutional provision have taken place. Should not take place in future.
Hunting and agriculture are older than prostitution. Prostitution should not be confused with sex.
Dancing nude is not a sin. It is not adultery or fornication. Pondicherry should not be called sin city because of nude dances.