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Many times I come across the wrong usage “cousin brother” or “cousin sister”. There are cousins and not “cousin brother” or “cousin sister”. It is too bad when such usage appears on newspapers or TV channels.

Those who have same grandparents but different parents are first cousins. Those who have same great grandparents but different parents and grandparents are second cousins. So it goes on.

Many languages do not have the word for cousins.

Blind Imitation

Some journalists and newspapers have started to refer to fathers as Srs and sons as Jrs. In the West it is normal practice to give father’s name to eldest son and mother’s name to eldest daughter. Father is referred to as Sr and eldest son is referred to as Jr. If there are three generations of men with the same name, man of first generation is called I, man of second generation is II and man of third generation is III.

In India sons are not named after their fathers and hence it is incorrect to call father Sr and son Jr. Bal Thackeray is not Thackeray Sr and Uddhav Thackeray is not Thackeray Jr. Similarly Feroz Khan is not Khan Sr and Fardeen Khan is not Khan Jr.