Mississippi shall have death penalty

A dead murderer cannot commit another murder. Sometimes murderers come out of jail and commit more murders.

In Michigan, John D. White murdered a 26-year old woman and spent 12 years in jail. He came out and became a pastor. He murdered his fiancée’s 24-year old daughter Rebekah Gay, stripped her, and dumped her body. He wanted to have necrophilia with her. He said he did not remember whether he fulfilled his sexual fantasy. If John D. White had been executed for the first murdered he would not have murdered Rebekah Gay.

The people of Mississippi shall amend their constitution and law. They shall have death penalty for murder, attempted murder, abduction, hijacking, kidnapping and such high crimes. Haley Barbour shall be held guilty and executed for pardoning more than 200 persons on his last day in office. Pardons granted by Haley Barbour shall be revoked. The judges who rejected the appeal of Attorney General to revoke the pardons because 30-days notice was not given should be sacked.

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