Judges out of control

Judges are out of control in USA. They overturn the law and decision arrived through referendum. They change the definition of marriage. They overrule a law that allows a patient to live. One judge in California overruled Proposition 8. There is no retirement age for judges and they hold office as long as they want. There is no process to remove judges.

Americans must put retirement age for judges and have a process for removal of judges for misdemeanours and usurpation of the powers of executive and legislature. Judges exercise veto power when they nullify any law. In grave cases guilty judges should be hanged. Overruling Proposition 8 is a grave case.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days imprisonment. Within days she is out of jail and sent to rehab centre. What a joke!

The story of Susanna in Old Testament shows how judges can abuse their positions. Jesus spoke of a corrupt judge who was not afraid of God or man. There is need to limit the power of judges.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Judges are not impartial as was shown in the case of presidential election in 2000 when USA Supreme Court judges decided in favour of their appointees. The five Republican appointed judges decided in favour of George Bush and the four Democratic appointed judges decided in favour of Albert Gore and George Bush got the presidency.

Good that India has retirement age for judges and that shall remain.

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