Iran and USA

Iran has its nuclear programme. USA says Iran is developing nuclear weapons and there are American, EU and UN sanctions against Iran.

USA’s stand that Iran has violated NPT shows its duplicity. USA, UK, Norway and France helped Israel become a nuclear power by breaking NPT. USA supplied nuclear fuel to Israel to make nuclear bombs. Israel has more than nuclear bombs.

Israel is capable of defending itself against Iran. It can bomb Iran’s nuclear reactors. If Iran attacks Israel it can counterattack and obliterate Iran. American intervention is not required.

American military industry holds sway whether the president is Republican or Democratic. They want to sell their weapons of mass destruction so that their business may prosper. For them the mass destruction that takes place is collateral damage. USA is in war with five countries. For the American merchants of death that is not enough.

Hillary Clinton called on Iranians to depose Ahmedinejad when he is in USA for UN session saying Iranian election in 2009 was rigged. She should have made such a call to Americans when Al Gore was deprived of presidency in 2000.

Iran was an excuse for deploying missiles in Poland and Czech Republic. Russia protested as it felt it was the target of missiles.

China has concluded a nuclear treaty with Pakistan. If USA gets aggressive Iran may enter into a treaty with China and USA will not be able to do much.

Updated: April 9, 2013 — 5:01 pm

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