Month: November 2012

Mitt Romney loses

Willard Mitt Romney lost U.S. Presidential election. This election did not have a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) or anyone who had served in the military as presidential or vice presidential candidate from Democratic or Republican side.

It is said that the proportion of whites in American population is decreasing. It is 72%. If it had been 76% Mitt Romney would have won. The counter-argument is that in 2008 the white percentage was 74% and Barack Obama won with higher percentage.

Mitt Romney had offended the British when he went to London when Olympics were nearby. Prime Minister David Cameron said hosting Olympics in London was different and it is easy to run an Olympics in the middle of nowhere referring to Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002 which Mitt Romney had organized. London Mayor Boris Johnson addressed a crowd and asked “There is a guy called Mitt Romney who wants to know whether we’re ready. Are we ready? Are we ready? Yes we are.” The crowd said “Yes” every time.

Mitt Romney offended Russians by saying Russia is America’s geopolitical enemy number one. The Chinese where apprehensive about the trade policy he will follow. The Palestinians were offended about the statement about their culture.

Barack Obama was more popular in USA and abroad. In a poll conducted in 21 countries Pakistan was the only country that did not want Barack Obama to win.

Mitt Romney changed his position on issues. When he was governor of Massachusetts he was seen as liberal. When fighting for Republican nomination he was seen as a hardliner. During presidential debate he seemed moderate. Someone said “Mitt Romney is not pro-choice. He is not anti-choice. He is multiple choice.” That was in the context of his changing stance on abortion.

Before the counting began many analysts said the contest was too close to call. The election day may turn into election week or election month. Some talked of the possibility of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney getting 269 electoral votes each and U.S. House of Representatives electing Mitt Romney and President and Senate electing Joseph Biden as Vice President. It was an anti-climax. For sometime Barack Obama and Mitt Romney had a close race. Barack Obama won Ohio. Then at 11.18 p.m. Eastern Time Wolf Blitzer on CNN declared Barack Obama the winner.

Mitt Romney’s statement that he did not care about 47% damaged him. Two Senate candidates created more problems. Todd Akin talked of legitimate rape. Richard Murdock talked of a child conceived due to rape as a gift of God.

Mitt Romney had tried for nomination in 2008. This time he got nomination but lost the election. Republican hardliners may have been miffed at his changing positions. Some may not have voted for him because he was a Mormon.

Herman Cain, Rick Perry, John Huntsman, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul were Mitt Romney’s competitors for Republican nomination. Ron Paul did not concede defeat. It is of academic interest what would have happened if Mitt Romney had chosen Rick Santorum as his running mate.

Some are concerned about the money spent on presidential election. The president is not directly elected by the people. It is better for U.S. Congress to elect President and Vice President for 4-year terms whenever the vacancy arises.

Mississippi shall have death penalty

A dead murderer cannot commit another murder. Sometimes murderers come out of jail and commit more murders.

In Michigan, John D. White murdered a 26-year old woman and spent 12 years in jail. He came out and became a pastor. He murdered his fiancée’s 24-year old daughter Rebekah Gay, stripped her, and dumped her body. He wanted to have necrophilia with her. He said he did not remember whether he fulfilled his sexual fantasy. If John D. White had been executed for the first murdered he would not have murdered Rebekah Gay.

The people of Mississippi shall amend their constitution and law. They shall have death penalty for murder, attempted murder, abduction, hijacking, kidnapping and such high crimes. Haley Barbour shall be held guilty and executed for pardoning more than 200 persons on his last day in office. Pardons granted by Haley Barbour shall be revoked. The judges who rejected the appeal of Attorney General to revoke the pardons because 30-days notice was not given should be sacked.

California shall retain death penalty

People of California have a referendum on Proposition 34 which is about retention of death penalty. Around 260 murderers face death penalty in California. Some groups are canvassing for abolition of death penalty. Some are in favour of death penalty. It is sad that Catholic bishops favour abolition.

People of California should learn lessons from Mexico which did away with death penalty. Murders take place openly without any fear. That has led to rival gangs engaging in shootouts anywhere, anytime. Policepersons are not safe. Priests, teachers and many others are murdered at random. California should imitate Texas which executed around 254 persons in 11 years. Texas’ Governor Rick Perry earned applause for his statement that he does not lose sleep over people executed.

Life sentence is not a deterrent for murderers. Many murderers come out on parole. Sometimes governors pardon murderers. Haley Barbour pardoned around 210 convicts including many murderers on his last day as Governor of Mississippi. Families of victims were shocked. There was not even 30-days notice. Judges did not strike down the pardon. Similarly another governor had pardoned many murderers on his last day in office.

Many times evil presents itself as good. Jesus in his parable of wheat and darnel warned people to be careful of evil. It is evil to oppose death penalty for murder. People in favour of death penalty should do their best for retention of death penalty in California and also strive for death penalty for murder in other states and countries.