Month: August 2012

Six medals in London Olympics

I expected five medals in London Olympics; one each in archery, badminton, boxing, shooting, and wrestling. We got six. In archery we did not get a medal. In badminton we got one. In boxing we got one. I expected a medal from one of the seven men; we got from a woman, Mary Kom, the only woman boxer. In shooting we got two. I expected one from Abhinav Bindra, we got silver medal from Vijay Kumar and bronze medal from Gagan Narang. In wrestling we got bronze medal from Yogeshwar Dutt and silver medal from Sushil Kumar. Sushil Kumar became the first Indian to win two individual Olympic medals. In Beijing we got one gold and two bronze. In London we got two silver and four bronze.

I did not expect any medal in hockey and tennis. In hockey India did not get a penalty corner against Holland in its first match and lost the match 2-3, a difference of one goal. Next match India lost by two goals, third, fourth, and fifth matches by three goals each. They lost to New Zealand 1-3, to Germany 2-5, to South Korea 1-4, and to Belgium 0-3. In the classification match to decide 11th and 12th places out of 12 teams India lost to South Africa 2-3 and finished 12th.

In tennis India did not go beyond second round. Some said sending two doubles teams will double the chances of medals. Zero multiplied by two is zero. There was lot of acrimony during selection. Mahesh Bhupati and Rohan Bopanna should not be selected to play for India in Olympics, Davis Cup, Asian Games or any other tournament.

There were controversies in boxing. Sumit Sangwan should have gone to the next round. One commentator said the decision of judges was daylight robbery. India’s appeal against that decision was said to have been thrown out because it was not filed within the stipulated time of 30 minutes. In Vikas Krishnan’s case, judges declared him winner. The Americans appealed against that decision. The jury reversed the decision and Vikas Krishnan was declared loser. India’s re-appeal was dismissed. There was a report that India appealed to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and CAS said we do not decide on on-field decisions. Later another report said CAS denied having any appeal from India. Manoj Kumar lost to Thomas Stalker in pre-quarter finals. Devendro Singh lost to Paddy Barnes in quarter finals. Manoj Kumar and Devendro Singh claimed they were unfairly deprived of victory.

Indians reached finals in men’s discus throw, women’s discus throw, and semi-final in women’s 800m race. In men’s triple jump Renjith Maheshwari committed three fouls and did not qualify for final.

This Olympics had some strange decisions. Eight badminton players were disqualified for not trying to win. One Tunisian was disqualified for not trying to win 800m race heats. He produced a medical certificate. He was reinstated and won gold medal in 1500m race. South Africans were allowed to compete in men’s 4 x 400m relay without completing the relay in semi-final.

Corruption in India and China

There are people who defend the corrupt and come up with arguments and excuses against tough law on corruption and tough action against corrupt people. One argument is that there is death penalty for corruption in China and that has not ended corruption in China.

These people do not mention the difference the law has made in China. While death penalty has not ended corruption it has significantly reduced corruption. At one time China was not much different from India. Now it is far ahead of India. In China most of the government money is spent for the purpose. In India it disappears into treasuries of various corrupt people.

China has made tremendous progress in sports. It gets large number of gold, silver and bronze medals in Olympics, Asian Games and such events. China gets returns for the money it spends. They set targets and they achieve them or come close. Their target for Asian Games 2010 was 200 gold medals and they won 199 gold medals, success rate of 99.5%.

China has magnetic levitation trains. In India trains make news for accidents. In Delhi, airport metro is out of service after a few months of running. Potholes filled during summer get washed away during first rain.

In India project costs go up and the final figure is many times of that of original figure. The original figure for Commonwealth Games 2010 was around 160 crore rupees. It went up and up and final figure was around 1,02,000 crore rupees. Shunglu committee reports were suppressed. Nobody was punished for swindling. In Olympics 2008 China won 51 gold and many silver and bronze medals, India won one gold and two bronze. The gold medal was largely due to private effort. The medals India wins in any Olympics can be counted on fingers of one hand.

Corruption in defence purchases has made Indian military obsolete. Trucks, field guns, jet trainers, aircraft carriers and many other items are imported. India has become the largest importer of defence items. China has a strong military. It does not hesitate to use force. China is able to withstand pressure from USA and its allies. In matters relating to Iran and Syria it has opposed USA. It has voted against resolutions on Syria. India has changed its stance under pressure. From opposition to resolutions India has changed to voting in favour or abstention.

China occupies Indian territory and has border disputes with Vietnam, Philippines, and Japan. Those countries do not look for military alliance with India against China.

India had two power failures on successive days. The minister responsible justified delay in restoring power saying it takes four days to restore power in USA without mentioning that happens in winter when it is impossible to travel outside due to snowfall and blizzards. The man got promoted as home minister and leader of Lok Sabha. Electricity theft is passed off as transmission and distribution losses. That loss is passed on to consumers who do not steal electricity and regularly pay their bills. The corrupt officials do not catch culprits and punish them.

Without tough laws against corruption China would have been like India or worse than India. The corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists have their agents in media. Some agents infiltrated the movement for Lokpal.

Anna Hazare announced the disbanding of Team Anna on his blog. The core committee of India Against Corruption was known as Team Anna. What form IAC will take remains to be seen. One report was they will become Swaraj Party. A party of that name existed in 1923-1927. Motilal Nehru and Chitta Ranjan Das were leaders of that party.

IAC wanted investigation of 15 ministers. That did not happen. The government did not want IAC members to go on fast. Salman Khurshid had a secret meeting with Anna Hazare. That became public. The fast took place. The government did not budge. IAC members called off their fast when 22 persons appealed to them.

Baba Ramdev announced his agitation to get back black money from foreign countries. He had avoided naming corrupt ministers. That did not help. A report appeared alleging Baba Ramdev was a tax evader.


NDTV has filed a suit in New York against The Nielsen of USA and Kantar Media Research, owned by WPP Plc of UK for two billion dollars for TRPs by TAM Media Research Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture company owned by Nielsen and Kantar. TAM stands for television audience measurement. TRP figures by TAM decide ad revenue. Broadcasters and advertisers buy data from TAM.

NDTV 24×7 once dominated English news. It now has competition from CNN-IBN and Times Now. NDTV Profit has competition from CNBC TV18 and ET Now. NDTV India does not have much viewership. NDTV’s film and entertainment channels failed. If NDTV TRPs have gone down there is nothing strange in it.

TAM uses 8,160 peoplemeters. NDTV wanted them to use 30,000 peoplemeters. NDTV claims they had written to TAM about aberrations in its measurement methodology and they have evidence of fiddling of peoplemeters by TAM field staff at the behest of a rival.

NDTV did not sack Barkha Dutt when her connection to a lobbyist was known. N. Ram said BBC, Financial Times or New York Times would not have tolerated such a thing. Vir Sanghvi and Prabhu Chawla lost their jobs for lobbyist connection.

NDTV’s evidence may be like the cheap sting operation they conducted when they hired a private detective agency to keep an eye on Barkha Dutt and tap her phone. NDTV’s rival can claim NDTV bribed TAM field staff to fiddle with peoplemeters.

TV channels do not question TAM when they get favourable TRPs. When TRPs are low they question the methodology and other things. It is like political parties who accept favourable opinion polls and exit polls but do not believe them when they show them as losers.

NDTV should maintain standard of programmes. It is not good when during discussion you have Breaking News and panelists are ignored. It is disgusting to telecast the interview of a woman who gatecrashed London Olympics march past and walked along Indian contingent.