Month: February 2011

Ohio bishops and death penalty

Sometime back California bishops had opposed death penalty. Now Ohio bishops oppose death penalty.

Do Ohio bishops want Ohio to end up like Mexico? Why bishops ignore the dangers of not having death penalty? The bishops have eyes but they do not see. They have ears but do not hear. Death penalty is according to the tradition of the church. Christianity is not opposed to death penalty.

Pope Benedict XVI may be opposed to death penalty but sometimes popes have been wrong. One pope was declared a heretic in 681.

Justice is a virtue. Justice demands suitable punishment for crimes. In some cases it is death penalty.

Prudence is a virtue. Allowing dangerous criminals to live is not prudent.

The church is opposed to abortion. Ohio bishops can direct their zeal and energy to have a legislation that will punish parents and doctors who abort foetuses who have resulted from marital acts and there is no danger to mother’s life. There is excommunication for abortion but that has not been effective. Prayers and vigils in defence of unborn are not enough.

The bishops can also try for gun control in USA. They can ask for repeal of second amendment. That will make it hard to own guns and reduce murders. In USA it is easy to buy guns in spite of several checks and then go and shoot anyone anywhere. There are vested interests who oppose gun control. What are bishops for if they can not take on vested interests?

PDS and cash transfers

There are people who say PDS does not work and cash transfers is the way. Some give example of Bihar where it is said to be 92% effective.

If PDS does not work it should be scrapped. That does not mean people should be given cash. When it is said 92% effective it means 8% ineffective which can become 80% or more. Fictitious accounts can be opened. There is swindling in NREGA and complaints are not investigated. One person in Uttar Pradesh who got an award for his work in NREGA returned it as his complaints were not investigated and swindling continued. Whether the swindling in NREGA is 5% and in road transport 50% as Chidambaram said in Davos or more is a matter of debate.

India has to dismantle welfare state system. Wide gap between PDS prices and market prices is the reason for corruption. Most of the grains acquired rot in godowns. If they had not been acquired market price would have been less. Kerosene is subsidized. Difference in the prices of kerosene and diesel has resulted in adulteration and oil mafia. As time passes maintaining welfare state becomes more expensive and printing notes to finance deficit is not a solution as it leads to inflation.

European countries are finding the hard way that they can not continue as before and are trying to cut down expenditure. India has to get rid of its white elephants and black holes.

Mount Infant

Christianity is a monotheistic religion and forbids prayers to mountains. It is inappropriate to say “We pray to you Mount Infant” or “We thank you Mount Infant”.

During mass the prayers are to God the Father through Christ and Holy Spirit. During novenas of saints or while reciting their litanies, the saints are asked to pray for us. During novenas of Infant Jesus it may be said “We pray to you Infant Jesus” or “We thank you Infant Jesus”.

Infant Jesus Church, Evershine City, Vasai (East), has its parish feast on the second Sunday of February and uses the prayer with words “We pray to you Mount Infant” or “We thank you Mount Infant”. I understand the prayer was said in a church in Goa. I do not know whether the book having the prayer got the Imprimatur, permission of the bishop to publish the book, in case of Goa from the Archbishop of Goa and Patriarch of East Indies, and if so how. In Vasai the prayer book was first used when Msgr. Francis Correa was the parish priest and continues after his transfer. Fr. Raymond Pereira succeeded him.

Infant Jesus Church functions from temporary structure. Construction of church building was to begin at the end of 2008. It was time of depression. Construction would have cost less. Parish Council by majority had approved a plan. One Sunday at the end of mass after reading the announcements Bernard Daniels spoke. He said it was he who had objected to the plan. Our parish is growing and we need a bigger church.

That was the last time Bernard Daniels read the announcements. Next Sunday in the announcements it was read that those who were asked to read should read what was given. No one was to go beyond what was given to read and be a law unto himself.

The matter went to His Lordship Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Vasai. He appointed a committee. When the committee gave the report about the structure of the church he had become Bishop of Poona and Apostolic Administrator of Vasai. He said “No peace, no church”. Archbishop Felix Machado became Bishop of Vasai. No progress on church work.