Month: January 2011

Death of Yashwant Sonawane

On 25/1/2011, Yashwant Sonawane, Additional District Collector of Malegaon, was burnt to death by oil mafia criminals in Panewadi, near Manmad in Nashik District. The death could have been avoided if India had death penalty for every murder and had hanged all who were sentenced to death. Every death penalty prevents three to eighteen murders as proved in an article in Newsweek some years back.

There are evil people who call themselves human rights activists and oppose death penalty. For them murderers are human beings, victims are not.

Since 1980, as per Supreme Court judgment, death penalty is given in rarest of rare case. On 21/1/2011 Supreme Court did not award death penalty to Dara Singh who had burnt to death Graham Staines, Philip Staines and Timothy Staines on the night of 22-23 January 1999 as per CBI appeal but upheld life sentence awarded by Orissa High Court which had overruled the lower court that had awarded death penalty. Arnab Goswami of Times Now said if this is not a rarest of rare case I do not know what a rarest of rare case is. Four days later Yashwant Sonawane was burnt to death.

Few people who have been sentenced to death over the years have not been hanged as presidents of India after Shankar Dayal Sharma have refused to reject mercy petitions except in one case by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Pratibha Patil has refused to reject mercy petitions even when the murderer has murdered a dozen or more people including children. Murderers in India have lost fear and commit murders openly. They know they don’t have to pay with their lives for murder.

India and Cricket Word Cup 2011

India hosts Cricket Word Cup 2011. If India wins it will make history.

No host country has won Cricket Word Cup. Sri Lanka was a co-host country that played semi-final and final outside Sri Lanka in 1996. India hosted Cricket Word Cup in 1987 and 1996. Both times it lost in semi-finals. Some say Indian cricketers were told to lose the semi-final in 1996 to avoid playing final in Pakistan. If that is the case the cricketers who played that semi-final should go public about who told them to lose the match. There was bottle throwing during the match and when match referee Clive Lloyd called off the match and awarded it to Sri Lanka India were eight wickets down and Vinod Kambli who was batting wanted to continue the match, pleaded with Clive Lloyd, and was in tears when the match was awarded to Sri Lanka.

No host country except England in 1979 has reached the final in Cricket Word Cup. India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa and West Indies did not reach finals as hosts.

Most of the time the team that batted first has won the Cricket Word Cup. In 1996 semi-final and 2003 final India had won the toss and elected to field. In 1996 commentators had expressed shock at India’s decision to field first. Ravi Shastri had commented that when Australia batted first Ricky Ponting’s batting average was 144 and when Australia batted second Ricky Ponting’s batting average was 20. In India versus Australia matches when Australia batted first it had won all the matches and when it battled second India had won 44% of the matches. When Zaheer Khan bowled the first over and conceded 15 runs, eight of them extras. In 1983 final West Indies had won the toss and elected to field and India won the cup.

Some take it for granted that India will reach the quarter-final. They are sure that India will defeat Ireland and Holland in group matches. Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties and inglorious match-fixings. This time there are no super six or super eight matches. In 1999 India did not reach super six and in 2003 India did not reach super eight. In 1999 India and South Africa lost to Zimbabwe in group matches. In 2003 India lost to Bangladesh and Pakistan lost to Ireland in group matches. The loss in 2003 was bad for sponsors and advertisers who had banked on India making it to next round. One soft drink company had to revise its TV ad. There is a saying: Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

India’s hosting of Cricket Word Cup 2011 has encountered a problem as Sports Ministry under Mohinder Singh Gill on 17/1/2011 has derecognized BCCI as a National Sports Federation/Apex Body for cricket in India as BCCI has not complied with the mandatory requirements of submitting necessary documents. This has resulted in withdrawal of exemption to pay customs duty on goods imported by BCCI or its affiliates. On 19/1/2001 Ajay Maken became Sports Minister. If BCCI does not reach a settlement with Sports Ministry it will have to manage security of cricketers and grounds on its own.

Wankhede Stadium and Eden Garden are not ready. There was no need to renovate these two stadia. Now the date for Eden Garden to be ready is 5/2/2011. The excuse for delay for Eden Garden is IPL 3. For Wankhede Stadium there is no excuse. This reminds of Commonwealth Games mess.

Marital rape is an oxymoron

Some people want law against marital rape which is an oxymoron. Husband and wife belong to each other and they have rights and duties towards each other. A woman who does not want to have sex with her husband should separate from him and file for divorce. If a woman files for divorce the judge shall not ask the woman to reconsider her decision. If the judge asks the woman to reconsider her decision the woman shall stand firm in her resolve for divorce. In one case judge asked the woman to reconsider her decision, the woman went back to her husband, the husband murdered her.

What next after law against marital rape? Law against marital sexual harassment?

In India, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Parsis have personal laws. Other marriages come under Hindu Code or Special Marriages Act. In Roman Catholic Church a ratified and consummated marriage can not be dissolved except by death but annulment is possible on various grounds.

Marriage is for mutual love and procreation and education of children. A woman has no right to say No to sex with her husband unless it is for some particular reason and for specific period like sickness, menstrual cycle, advanced stage of pregnancy or for a certain period after childbirth or sadness due to something like a death in the family or if the husband has a communicable or venereal disease which will result in woman getting the disease. A woman can refuse perverse sexual conduct by husband. A woman can refuse oral or anal sex by husband.

Any man who commits rape must face full punishment as per law. However many times women falsely accuse men of rape. Sometimes married women commit adultery and when caught they say they were raped. Sometimes single women have voluntary sex with men and later they accuse them of rape. If there is law making marital rape an offence it will put husbands at risk.

As per Section 375 of IPC sex between husband and wife is rape if the wife is less than 15 years old. At one time legal age for marriage for woman was 15 years and for man 18 years. In 1978 it was raised to 18 for woman and 21 for men. Section 375 was not amended. In India many child marriages take place. I do not know any instance of a woman who has complained of rape by husband when she was less than 15 years old.