Month: October 2010

California bishops and death penalty

California bishops are opposed to death penalty. They think life imprisonment without parole is an alternative to death penalty. They are wrong.

California bishops should look at Mexico and how things have gone wrong after Mexico stopped death penalty. Murders have shot up. Lives of ordinary people are not safe. Even lives of priests are not safe.

Christianity is not against death penalty. St. Thomas Aquinas justified death penalty. Jesus Christ was in favour of death penalty when he said if anyone causes little ones to sin a millstone shall be hung around his neck and he should be thrown into the sea. For a long time the church has put heretics to death.

What happens if a murderer escapes from prison and commits more murders?

It is better for California bishops to concentrate on the faithful instead of getting into matters of crime and punishment. More so the bishops should see that cases of child abuse do not happen and if anyone is found guilty he is not spared. The victims should not be bound by secrecy.

Death penalty has deterrent effect though those who oppose death penalty do not agree to that and come up with false statistics.

California bishops should also try for gun control in USA and repeal of the amendment that allows Americans to bear arms. That amendment may have been necessary in 1789 when USA did not have a strong army to defend itself but it is not necessary in 2010 when USA is a superpower. Vested interests like National Rifle Association oppose the repeal of amendment or gun control. If there is gun control the number of murders will come down drastically in USA. There are many shops on USA-Mexico borders that sell various weapons. California bishops will save many lives of innocent people if they try for gun control repeal of second amendment.

Wildfires destroy large parts of California every year. California bishops can have prayer services to deliver California from wildfires.

Marriage law in Nevada is a joke. One can get married one moment and next moment ask for divorce. California bishops can do something so that marriage in Nevada is taken seriously.

Young India and moving on

While discussing Babri Mosque demolition in 1992 some people have said that young people have no memories of 1992, they do not care about mosque or temple, they have moved on and India has to move on. It is one thing for anchors and panelists to say so, but when the Home Minister of India says that it has serious implications.

What about 1984? Should victims of Anti-Sikh riots not get justice because young people have no memories of 1984? Will cases against criminals be closed because India has moved on?

Should victims of Bhopal gas tragedy not get justice because young people have no memories of 1984? When Bhopal case was discussed some months back no one talked about young people and moving on. There was lot of discussion about who let Warren Anderson go and how he can be extradited. What about Indians convicted? Some wanted Keshub Mahindra be let off because he is a respected industrialist and 82 years old. Warren Anderson is older than Keshub Mahindra.

In Kashmir young people were out on streets. They indulged in stone pelting and arson. They want independence. Should Kashmir be granted independence because young people there want it? Many young Indians do not care whether Kashmir remains part of India or becomes independent or goes to Pakistan.

The argument that in 1992 India had 4 lakh computers, 70 lakh cars, growth rate was 2.2% and in 2010 India has 4 crore computers, 180 lakh cars, growth rate is 9% and therefore has moved on ignores the fact in 2010 large areas are Naxal domination.

History repeats itself. Those who forget history are condemned to relive it.

China is in illegal occupation of Indian land since 1962. Young Indians may not care about it but China wants Arunachal Pradesh.

Young Indians believe in equality, they do not care about caste system and are against sexual discrimination. Why are reservations based on caste or sex not abolished? Why does the government want reservation for women in legislatures and increase in reservation for women in rural and urban bodies from 33% to 50%? Why is there caste census, first time after 1931? Why does the government want to extend reservations to jobs in private sector?

The argument that young people have no memories of something or they do not care about something can cut many ways.