Month: July 2010

Indian Express repetitions

I come across repetitions in The Indian Express.

The article “The hormone of laddishness” that appeared under Science and Technology section on 3/5/2010 was a repetition of the article “The CSI effect” that had appeared on 30/4/2010.

The article “The long march – The yuan and global imbalances” with a picture of Chinese currency that appeared on 1/7/2010 was a repetition of the article “Mecca vs Las Vegas” about a Saudi tower with a graph of heights of towers that had appeared on 30/6/2010.

The news item “No relief for ketchup colonel” on page 6 on 9/7/2010 was repeated on page 7 of the same day.

Such repetitions have taken place before. What has the editor of The Indian Express to say about them?

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Abolish Planning Commission

Road Transport and Highways Minister Kamal Nath has called Planning Commission an “armchair advisor”. On 5/7/2010 he publicly criticised the Planning Commission. He was not happy with its approach. He gave the example of Delhi Airport Terminal 3. He asked one official “How did you do it?” He got the reply “Planning Commission and their people had nothing to do with it.”

USSR had Five Year Plans. India imitated USSR. Planning Commission was established for Five Year Plans. It is time to put an end to Planning Commission and Five Year Plans. In a free market economy there is no place for such things.

Planning Commission’s projects have resulted in displacement of large number of people. There are delays and cost overruns. Factories turn white elephants. Many Public Sector Undertakings are making losses. Inflation increases.

Ministers who are unhappy with Planning Commission should speak up their mind. The country will be better off without Planning Commission. The money that will come from the sale of Yojana Bhavan will bring down budget deficit.

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End of India?

USSR was a superpower. It split into 15 countries in 1991.

What was once Yugoslavia is now seven countries.

India can end up like USSR and Yugoslavia.

Large parts of India are not under government control. There is trouble in Kashmir. Different groups extort money in North-East. They call it taxes. Muivah who wants sovereignty for Nagalim is given z plus security. Many districts are under Naxal control. Separatists are active in Punjab.

CRPF men have died repeatedly in Chhattisgarh. Paramilitary forces are unable to tackle Naxal menace.

Central government is unable to take a firm stand. It agreed to statehood for Telangana. When MPs and MLAs from other parts of Andhra Pradesh objected and resigned it went back on its word and appointed a commission. The problem of Telangana is not solved and occasionally there are violent incidents.

Those who cut off water supply were not punished. They got an assurance that their grievance will be looked into.

Since 1989 elections no party had absolute majority in Lok Sabha. That had resulted in weak governments. For strong governments India has to switch over to presidential system.

If India has to remain one country there is need to deal firmly with people who want sovereignty for some region and who indulge in blockades. Reservations in government jobs, institutions and legislatures are to be abolished.

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