Month: February 2008

Marriage age for men should not be lowered

Law Commission has recommended that marriage age for men in India be lowered from 21 to 18. The marriage age for men in India was raised from 18 to 21 in 1978. At that time marriage age for women in India was raised from 15 to 18.

The recommendation is not justified. Those who are in favour of reducing the age give two reasons:

1) Voting age is 18.

2) Child marriages take place.

Both reasons are not proper. Voting cannot be equated with marriage. Marriage is a responsibility. A man who marries must be able to take care of himself, his wife and the children that will be born. He should have enough maturity. Voting is for any Indian citizen who is 18 unless legally disqualified. For many years voting age was 21.

As regards child marriages there is a law against it. Lowering marriage age for men will not result in the end of child marriages. The law against child marriages should be implemented. That has not happened. Women who fought against child marriages have faced problems. One woman in Rajasthan was raped and her rapists were let off by the court. Another woman in Madhya Pradesh was attacked.

If anyone thinks marriage age for men and women must be same let marriage age for women be raised to 21.

Sania Mirza and Bangalore Open

Sania Mirza’s decision to skip Bangalore Open in March and not to play in India has evoked different reactions. It is her choice not to play in India and it has to be respected. Her decision was on the basis of advice of Globosport which is her managing agent. The advice was given as whenever Sania Mirza played in India there was a controversy. Mahesh Bhupati is a partner in Globosport. He was her mixed doubles partner during Australian Open.

Some people have criticized. Leander Paes said nobody is above the game and while playing people get attention. Leander Paes did not go through what Sania Mirza is going through. Sania Mirza is criticized for the way she dresses. She faced problem for shooting of an ad film at the premises of Mecca Masjid though it was not her duty to get permission for the shooting from archaeological department. Someone saw a photograph during Hopman Cup and filed a case against Sania Mirza for disrespect of national flag though the flag was away from her feet and due to telephoto lens it appeared close. Bangalore Open is not a competition between countries. The game is for individuals and individuals are not for the game. Sania Mirza gets many brickbats and that is not attention. There are many people who want to pull Sania Mirza down.

Let Sania Mirza have a break.

Bollywood and Hollywood

Once during a discussion on a TV channel one person claimed that Hollywood does not have creativity.  It has money and marketing.  They make sequels.  Bollywood has creativity.

The person is wrong about Bollywood’s creativity.  Bollywood films copy from Hollywood films or regional films.  Many Bollywood films are remakes of regional films.  Some Bollywood films are remakes of previous Bollywood films.

I give below names of some Bollywood films which have copied from Hollywood films.

Hollywood film Bollywood film
Dirty rotten scoundrels Khel
The silence of the lambs Sangharsh
Unfaithful Murder
French Kiss Pyar tho hona hi tha
Unlawful entry Fareb
It could happen to you Bade dilwala
Indecent proposal Sauda


I give below names of some Bollywood films which have copied from Hollywood films.

Bollywood has no more creativity than Hollywood.