Month: February 2008

Budget 2008

I want the following in budget 2008:

The budget shall be a surplus budget.

There shall be uniformity in tax rates. Income tax exemption limit is Rs.1,10,000/- except for women which is Rs.1,35,000/- and senior citizens Rs.1,95,000/-. The exemption limit for all shall be the same for all. Mostly men are the sole earning members and senior citizens do not have to take care of children.

Lot of money that is collected through taxes and spent on various schemes does not help the people. There is swindling and corruption. The country will be better of without these schemes. Taxes also lead to corruption. This has to be avoided. The Finance Minister shall announce the following:

Income Tax will be reduced by 1% per year and after 30 years there will be no Income Tax.

Service Tax will be reduced by 1% per year and after 12 years there will be no Service Tax.

Other taxes will be reduced gradually.

Subsidies will be abolished.

Employment Guarantee Scheme will be wound up.

MPLADS will be abolished.

There will be constitutional amendment to abolish Profession Tax.

Mid-day meal scheme will be scrapped.

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Ministry of Human Resource Development implement a number of schemes. They will come to an end.

Backward Regions Grant Fund will come to an end.

There will be no special economic packages for Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir and the North Eastern Region or any other State or region.

The Rural Infrastructure Development Fund will come to an end.

The UPA Government will not do anythinge:


  • to bring an additional one crore hectares under assured irrigation;
  • to connect all villages that have a population of 1000 (or 500 in hilly/tribal areas) with a road;
  • to construct 60 lakh additional houses for the poor;
  • to provide drinking water to the remaining 74,000 habitations that are uncovered;
  • to reach electricity to the remaining 1,25,000 villages and offer electricity connection to 2.3 crore households;
  • to give telephone connectivity to the remaining 66,822 villages.


Bharat Nirman will be scrapped.

Government will not provide equity support.

National Horticulture Mission will come to an end.

A Knowledge Centre in Every Village is the job of villagers.

Promotion of SSI Schemes will come to an end.

Indira Awas Yojana will come to an end.

National Urban Renewal Mission will come to an end.

Education cess will come to an end.

Cash withdrawal tax will come to an end.

The scheme of depositing Rs.8,000/- when a girl completes 8th standard will be scrapped.

Financial Institutions will unload their holdings. It is not the business of the government to keep up stock markets.

Abortion and prostitution

A CNA report dt. 5/2/2008 from Sao Paulo mentions that Bernardete Aparecida Ferreira, co-rdinator of the Ministry for Marginalized Women, which is connected to the Brazilian Bishops’ Conference, has written and distributed a statement in which she defends and promotes abortion.

Bernardete Aparecida Ferreira works with prostitutes. Many times contraceptives are ineffective and prostitutes have to abort. Many have obtained even twenty times each. She asserted, “I am in favour of family planning that is as natural as possible, I agree with the Church in everything but I defend the lives of women.”

She does not agree with the Church in everything. First attempt must be to make the women in prostitution to give up prostitution and take up a profession that is not sinful. Second, if a prostitute is not willing to change she should sterilize herself. That will prevent abortions.

A person whose personal opinion is at variance with the institution he/she represents must either keep it personal or give up the position. Writing and distributing a statement that contradicts the institution is not acceptable. Brazilian Bishops’ Conference must sack her.

I hold the view that no foetus that is the result of marital act should be aborted unless to save mother’s wife. Victims of rape can commit abortion.

Kosovo and independence

Kosovo wants to become an independent country and is likely to make a Unilateral Declaration of Independence. Serbia is opposed to Kosovo’s independence. It is ready to grant autonomy to Kosovo. Russia supports Serbia. Russia can veto any proposal or resolution in favour of Kosovo’s independence in UN Security Council. Many countries of the West are likely to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

Vladimir Putin mentioned Basque and North Cyprus where there is demand for independence. Transitria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are regions which Russia can recognize as independent countries. Map of Europe can change again.

USA has double standards. It wants Slavic countries to split. When there was referendum in Quebec about independence it wanted Quebec to remain part of Canada.

Kurds in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran want independence. Russia can side with Kurds.

NATO had attacked Serbia and bombed it for 78 days. That paved the way for entry of EU and UN in Kosovo. Human Rights abuses were the excuse for NATO attack. Now such abuses take place in Darfur. USA has ruled out attacking Sudan. It says it does not want to attack a Muslim country. It attacked Iraq and has plans to attack Iran.

Many countries in the world are multi-ethnic. Many regions in those countries want independence. Kosovo may set an example.