Month: January 2008

Adelaide Test

Before the Adelaide Test began there was hope and expectation that India may win the Test and draw the series. When India scored 526 there was hope that India could impose follow on. That did not happen. Australia scored 563. R. P. Singh was injured. Harbhajan Singh did not get any wicket. India had a bad start in the second innings. Irfan Pathan was out on zero. Virender Sehwag batted well and scored 151. Rahul Dravid was retired hurt. Sourav Ganguly, V. V. S. Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar did not score much. There was no motivation for Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and V. V. S. Laxman to do well as they were not included in the ODI and 2020 team. India declared the innings at 269/7 and it was decided by both captains to call off the match. India should have declared early and tried to win the Test.

The trophy for India –Australia series is Border – Gavaskar Trophy. Gavaskar was present and was not called to present the trophy. Sunil Gavaskar had stood up for India and had criticize Mike Procter and umpires. Many years ago Sandeep Patil was running a cricket tournament named after Sunil Gavaskar. When Sandeep Patil criticized Sunil Gavaskar for some reason Sunil Gavaskar had asked Sandeep Patil not to use his name for the tournament. Sunil Gavaskar should ask BCCI and Cricket Australia to delink his name from the trophy.

Harbhajan Singh’s trial followed the Test. He was cleared of racism and found guilty of abusive language. Australian media is not happy with it. They blamed Cricket Australia for succumbing to pressure from BCCI. Indian media should question why Harbhajan Singh had to be fined when Andrew Symonds started it and why Brad Hogg was let of by Anil Kumble without pressing charge of abusive language.

I hope next time when India visits Australia it wins the Test series. I am happy that India did not lose the series 0-4.

Let the city be officially Bombay

Bombay geographically belongs to Konkan. Konkani-speaking people are the original inhabitants of Konkan. Marathi-speaking people later outnumbered Konkani-speaking people.

Bombay was built by the British. It was capital of Bombay Presidency which stretched from North Kanara to Singh and included Aden. In English it was officially Bombay and in other languages had different names. Many institutes came up which had Bombay in their names. One of them is Bombay Scottish School. The children of a leader of a political party were studying in the school. After they shifted to another school the members of that party demonstrated against the school and wanted to change its name. They want to change the names of many other institutes.

Now also most people refer to it as Bombay while speaking in English. Even many Marathi speakers refer to the city as Bombay. One Marathi newspaper had reported that Vilasrao Deshmukh was not in favour of change of name. St. Petersburg became Petrograd, then Leningrad and then again St. Petersburg. It is time for people who like the name Bombay to demand that Bombay be officially Bombay once again.

Pet names and media

Recently I watched a news item on CNN. It showed presidential candidates calling one another by first names. Rudolf Giuliani said “Mitt”. There was a comment that Mitt Romney is Willard Milton Romney. He has dropped Willard from his name. Mitt stands for Milton.

Media should avoid using pet names. Proper names like William, James, Richard should be used and not Bill, Jimmy, Dick. Sometimes people think pet names are names and name their children after them.

Some leaders who should be referred by name:

1) Richard Cheney

2) Anthony Blair

3) William Clinton

4) James Carter

5) Robert Dole