Month: July 2007

Maths paper

Pass marks for Maharashtra SSC Board used to be 35%. This year they were brought down to 29%.
In maths paper questions of 30 marks were out of syllabus and all students were given grace marks and passed in maths.
It seems people responsible for decreasing the pass marks percentage to 29% and put out of syllabus questions of 30 marks in maths paper were part of conspiracy to pass all students in maths. This was unfair to the students who studied hard. Many people who had done well in other subjects and would have done well in maths could not get seats. One girl committed suicide.
People in responsible positions should not dilute standards and play with the lives and futures of students. People responsible for the blunder in maths paper should be punished.

Marriage is between a man and a woman

Marriage is between a man and a woman. It is not between a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a woman and an animal or tree or sword or portrait.
Homosexuality is a perversion. Lesbianism is not alternative sexuality. Homosexuality can not be decriminalized on the ground that consenting adults to it. In that case consumption and trading of heroin, LSD, marijuana has to be decriminalized.
If some countries have legalized gay marriages they have gone wrong. They are on the path of destruction.
If women who enter into a lesbian union and call it marriage are shunned by their families it is understable.

Blunders of the world

here have been several lists of Seven Wonders of the World. A private organization after phone, SMS and E-Mail poll recently came up with a list of Seven New Wonders of the World. I want to present a list of the blunders of the world. The list will not be restricted to seven.
I begin with Nariman Point. It was a blunder to reclaim land from sea and build buildings for commercial use at one end of Bombay. This has put a great strain on railways. In the morning trains towards Churchgate and VT are crowded and trains from Churchgate and VT go empty. In the evening it is the other way round. The solution is to turn all commercial complexes at Nariman Point in residential complexes and shift offices to other places.
Channel tunnel linking France and England is the second blunder. The cost incurred on this tunnel was huge but the recovery was not on expected lines.
At present I stop with these two. As more blunders are known they will be added to the list.