Month: October 2006


My views about adoptions are as below:

Adoption is an act by which a person takes another person as his or her child. Various types of adoptions take place. Some are proper. Others are not proper.

In India legally Hindus can adopt. Muslims and Christians can not adopt. They can be guardians.

Who can adopt?

Married couples or adults who are advanced in age and do not have children or other descendants and are unable to have children can adopt. Any couple or person who has even one child should not adopt.

It is ridiculous for a man to adopt his grandson as son.

Who can be adopted?

Minor orphans can be adopted. Majors and relatives should not be adopted.

Hollywood actresses are making news for adoptions. Sometimes I wonder whether they make up for the abortions they had.fference between India and rest of the world.”

I do not know where all pornographic films are allowed and under what conditions. In some parts of USA they are allowed. They are mostly boring. However the reason given for not allowing pornographic films is not right. By rest of the world Sharmila Tagore means the West. Culture in large parts of Asia and Africa is not much different from that of India. The difference between India and the West is of hypocricy. The number of DVDs of pornographic films sold is one indication of widespread viewing of them. Access of porn sites on Internet is another indication.

I welcome her proposal for allowing telecast of adult films on TV at certain times. She has said the adult films could be safely shown between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. She does not make any distinction beween free to air channels and pay channels. Free to air channels should be free to air adult films in full without any cuts, morphing, darkening or alteration between 11.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. and pay channels any time. Some countries allow adult films from 9 p.m. onwards. Besides cable TV there is DTH which will grow and CAS which will be mandatory in Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi by 31/12/2006. In Madras CAS became mandatory long back. It resulted in people not opting for pay channels. Consequently pay channels became free to air channels and people of Madras benefited. Those who opposed CAS in Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi caused a great loss to people. Shame on them.

Imrana gets justice

On 19/10/2006 District Court of Muzaffarnagar found Imrana’s father-in-law guilty of rape of Imrana and sentenced him to 10 years rigorous imprisonment. She was raped in June 2005. A fatwa from Deoband declared that since there was sexual relationship her father-in-law becomes her husband and her husband her son. Politicians were not ready to speak against the fatwa. Mulayam Singh Yadav, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, said mullas may have given the fatwa after thinking. Some said the fatwa is as per one school of Islamic jurisprudence out of four. Imrana’s villagers sided with her father-in-law. She left the village and returned to her maternal home. Some women’s organizations lent her support. She pursued her case. She won.

The punishment of 10 years rigorous imprisonment is not adequate. It should have been life imprisonment. He should not be let off before completion of his term.

There should be some law against such bizarre fatwas. Such people should be put behind bars. There should be tough action against panchayats which punish people for doing something legal like love marriage or inter-caste marriage.

Removal of racks

Railways have started removal of racks from trains. This will cause inconvenience to commuters. Once in a way terrorists using racks for keeping bags containing bombs is not a proper reason for removal of racks. Terrorists can strike anytime anywhere and there is no protection against suicide bombers. Swift justice will deter other terrorists. If the trial takes several years terrorists lose fear. They can escape from jails or there can be hijackings or kidnappings for their release.

Local trains are crowded during peak hours and it is difficult even to stand. Holding luggage during that time makes it more difficult for people and will deprive space for some commuters. Or bags and briefcases will have to kept under seats.

Lot of police personnel are deployed at railways stations after the train blasts. This needs to be reduced. There is no point in checking the people who are leaving. People who enter are to be checked.

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