Month: September 2006

Sharmila Tagore and films

Indian Express dt. 10/9/2006 carried a news item “Censor Board for `A+’ and `X’ rating, says no to porn films”. This was about Sharmila Tagore’s interview to Karan Thapar on CNN IBN. Censor Board was for `A+’ or `X’ rating said the first paragraph. It is not clear the rating is one or there are two ratings.

Sharmila Tagore was for new rating to permit explicit language or scenes. I suggest change of guidelines to allow such things in `A’ films. There is no need for another rating.

About permitting pornographic films she said, “No. I wouldn’t endorse that. I don’t think society or the Indian people are ready for it. There’s a cultural difference between India and rest of the world.”

I do not know where all pornographic films are allowed and under what conditions. In some parts of USA they are allowed. They are mostly boring. However the reason given for not allowing pornographic films is not right. By rest of the world Sharmila Tagore means the West. Culture in large parts of Asia and Africa is not much different from that of India. The difference between India and the West is of hypocricy. The number of DVDs of pornographic films sold is one indication of widespread viewing of them. Access of porn sites on Internet is another indication.

I welcome her proposal for allowing telecast of adult films on TV at certain times. She has said the adult films could be safely shown between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. She does not make any distinction beween free to air channels and pay channels. Free to air channels should be free to air adult films in full without any cuts, morphing, darkening or alteration between 11.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. and pay channels any time. Some countries allow adult films from 9 p.m. onwards. Besides cable TV there is DTH which will grow and CAS which will be mandatory in Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi by 31/12/2006. In Madras CAS became mandatory long back. It resulted in people not opting for pay channels. Consequently pay channels became free to air channels and people of Madras benefited. Those who opposed CAS in Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi caused a great loss to people. Shame on them.

Thoughts on 8/9/2006

Events in Jharkhand show once again why we need Presidential System. An independent member becoming the Chief Minister is a joke.

Haj subsidy should go and Muslims should be free to go on Haj by any airline. Air India’s air fare for Haj was Rs.32,000/- and pilgrims were required to pay Rs.12,000/-. Every pilgrim got a subsidy of Rs.20,000/-. Pilgrims should be free to travel by other airlines if they want. If they are able to travel for less than Rs.32,000/- it is better for them. There should be no subsidy for pilgrimages of any religion.

China has drought. India has floods. Barmer which had drought for six years had flood. London’s tempetature was higher than of Delhi.

Today (8/9/2006) (Eighth September 2006) is the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady. This feast is celebrated by Catholics in Mangalore. Schools have holidays. It used to be a harvest festival with vegetarian meals. Some families have made it non-vegetarian.

I receive many messages by E-Mail which are multiply forwarded. Two messages were so big that they went into spam. It takes a long time to go through the list of forwarders and reach the message.