Month: August 2006

Tuesday the 11th terrorists strike

On 11/9/2001 terrorists hijacked four aeroplanes in USA. Three were used as missiles. One crashed. Around 3000 people died. It was Tuesday.

On 11/3/2004 there were blasts in trains in Madrid. Around 200 people died. It was Tuesday.

On 11/7/2006 there were blasts in trains in Bombay. Around 200 people died. As per Indian Express the number is 187. It was Tuesday.

Tuesday the 11th seems to be the favourite for some terrorists. Who are they? Why Tuesday the 11th? I have no answer. Can someone tell?

Thoughts on India’s 59th Independence Day

This year on 15th August India completes 59 years of independence. We have achieved a lot in some fields and in some fields we have failed. We could have done better. To do better we need to change.

1) We should have Presidentail System of Government. Parliamentary System works when there is two party system. We have multi-party system and coalition governments which results in large cabinets and weak governments. Governments do not complete five year term. Presidentail System gives stability and the government need not worry about losing majority.

2) We should do away with socialism. In the last 15 years the country has become less socialistic. Whatever remains of socialism should be done away soon.

3) We should abolish the following:
a) The Council of States i.e., the Rajya Sabha
b) Legislative Councils
c) Planning Commission
d) Animal Wlelfare Board
e) Subsidies
f) Pension to MPs, MLAs and MLCs
g) Pension to freedom fighters. It is 59 years since independence and it is unlikely that any freedom fighter survives today. Many people have falsely claimed pension.
h) Reservations to SCs, STs, OBCs and such groups.
i) Reservations to women in panchayats and urban bodies.
j) Besides these there are many other things I want abolished.

4) We should move towards taxless system.

5) Population is not a problem. Money should not be spent on population control. Australia, Japan, Singapore, S. Korea and many European countries want to increase their population.

6) We should have Uniform Civil Code.

7) Persons having more than one spouse or those who have knowing married married persons should be disqualified from becoming MPs or MLAs.

8) Diu and Daman be merged with Gujarat. Dadra and Nagar Haveli be merged with Maharashtra or Gujarat.

9) Pondicherry and Karaikal be merged with Tamil Nadu, Mahe with Kerala and Yanam with Andhra Pradesh.

10) Chandigarh should be the capital of Punjab.

11) Delhi should be part and capital of Haryana

12) Right to Property should be a fundamental right.

13) Unnecessary organizations should be abolished.

14) There should be no condonation in delay against appeals. When courts give judgments they give time for appeal. Many times people appeal after that time is over and delays upto 100 and sometimes delays with longer duration are condoned. This should stop.

15) We should revert to names like Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Connaught Place, Connaught Circus, Victoria Terminus, Prince of Wales Museum, Warden Road etc.

16) Telecast of lottery should be banned.

17) Evershine City must be made the capital of India.

18) Glorification of crime and criminals should be forbidden.

19) Marrying while being marked and marrying a married persons knowingly should have punishment of at least 10 years imprisonment.

20) Conducting marriages of underage people should have punishment of at least 10 years imprisonment.

21) Inflation should be zero.

22) Rupee should be the strongest currency in the world. In 45 days it should be equal to USD, in 56 days to Euro, in 75 days to GBP and 152 days to Kuwaiti Dinar. Thereafter it will be the strongest currency in the world.

23) CBFC guidelines should be revised. Scenes of smoking should not be allowed. Scenes of nudity should be allowed without cuts, morphing, darkering or alteration in adult films. There should be no glorification of crime and criminals.

24) Free to air channels should be free to air adult films in full without any cuts, morphing, darkening or alteration between 11.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. and pay channels any time. If scenes of nudity and sex are cut from adult films they are `U’ films and there is no point in restricting them between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. It is ridiculous to say a film certified `A’ for exhibition in theatres needs a separate certificate for telecast. TV channels should be free to show any adult film.

25) There shall be no surrender to terrorists. Terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir got a boost after the “kidnapping” of Rubiya Sayeed. The country shamelessly surrendered and five terrorists were released for her release. Mufti Mohammed Sayeed was the Home Minister of India. Rubiya did not make any public statement. The country has a right to know what happened. Subsequent details that have emerged show that one mediator was hand in gloves with terrorists. The mediator and his associates should be charged with treason. The release also put pressure on the government at the time of Kandahar hijacking. “If five terrorists could be released for one, why not release three terrorists for 155?” was the argument. One of the released terrorists later on carried on the blast of & K Assembly building which resulted in 41 deaths. The deaths casued by the three terrorists are likely to many times more than 155. When any hijacked plane lands in India its tyres should be immediately punctured.

26) For every person murdered there should be death penalty After restricting death penalty to rarest of rare cases murderers started to kill openly. All those who were awarded life imprisonment and let off after some years must be rearrested and put in prison till death. Those who had killed two or more persons should be put to death.

When the above suggestions are implemented India will be a strong country. I hope we will achieve these within one year.

Thoughts on 5/8/2006

It is not right to extend censorship on TV. Some people find something offensive is not the reason to extend censorship. Kaanta Lagaa offended some people but people who liked it were much more. It topped the charts for six months. Some of the songs, which some people wanted, banned were very popular. In India too many people and institutions exercise censorship. CBFC should be the only authority. Once it certifies a film there should be no ban on it anywhere in the country. Somebody or the other finds something offensive and if everyone’s wish is taken into consideration no film could be made. Taliban had banned films and TV in Afghanistan. The duty of the state government is to uphold law and order. Suicide is a crime. If anyone commits suicide in protest against the showing of any film he is a criminal and does not deserve any sympathy. If any state government rewards any such person it goes against the constitution and should be dismissed.

The end of the world is a fascinating subject. Since the time of Christ people have wondered about the end. When a person dies the world ends for him or her. The sum of the matter is constant. Signs like war and earthquake can be applied to any age.

Election Commission had more than four months time to decide about disqualification cases. First it did nothing when the Parliament passed Office of Profit Bill. Second it did nothing when the President returned the bill for reconsideration of the Parliament. Meanwhile one Chief Election Commissioner retired and another person became Chief Election Commissioner. There must be some punishment for dereliction of duty even when the person ceases to hold office.