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Economic Traitor

Praful Patel is an economic traitor. As civil aviation minister his actions have led Air India to loss and disaster.

There was Indian Airlines. Praful Patel changed its name to Indian. That did not make any difference for better. Then Indian Airlines was merged with Air India. The merger was supposed to save money. Things went from bad to worse.

Air India suffered. Private airlines prospered. For months some of them did not pay fuel bills. During IPL Air India passengers had to wait for hours as scheduled flights were delayed to fly IPL teams.

When private airlines increased fares Praful Patel did not tell passengers to fly Air India. He told private airlines to reduce fair and threatened them if they did not do so. What is Praful Patel’s problem if private airlines charge “astronomical” fares? Why cann’t Air India use this opportunity? Air India could have gained. It needs thousands of crores of rupees to keep going.

Praful Patel has asked for extra 3,500 crore rupees for Air India and has warned of strikes by Air India employees if wages are recast. Air India has an accumulated loss of 7,200 crore rupees and working capital loans of around 18,000 crore rupees. Praful Patel is responsible for the mess. He should warn the employees that if they do not agree for recasting of wages Air India may be wound up. Some years back air traffic controllers who created problems by strike or work-to-rule were sacked. Former employees of Air India should not have perks.

People’s money should not be wasted on Air India. If there is no possibility of improvement without spending further money it should be privatised or wound up. Employees who go on strike can find jobs somewhere else. Praful Patel should not continue as minister.

Nira Radia Tapes

On 23/11/2010 I read “Beware the single brush” by Pratap Bhanu Mehta in The Indian Express. The article had a sentence “Tapes of conversations between journalists and various lobbyists have been put online and some publications have carried stories on these conversations.”

I did not know who were the journalists or lobbyists.

On 26/11/2010 at 9.00 p.m. on NDTV 24×7 there was a clip of Walk the Talk. Shekhar Gupta interviews Ratan Tata who repeatedly uses the phrase banana republic. I did not understand what he meant.

At 10.00 p.m. I switched to Star World to watch Lie to me. It was an old episode. So I switched to NDTV 24×7 hoping to see Left, Right and Centre. There was the clip again.

I switched channels and came across CNN-IBN. I heard the names of Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi. It was Last Word of Karan Thapar. Panellists were Sanjay Baru, N. Ram, Dilip Cherian, and Joseph.

The discussion was about Nira Radia tapes. Telephonic conversations of Nira Radia, a lobbyist, with various journalists, industrialists and others had become public. Outlook and Open had published them.

During discussion the role of Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi was questioned. N. Ram said BBC and Financial Times would have fired journalists for such misconduct.

The TV news channels I watch had not reported about the content of tapes. Journalists usually do not report misdeeds of their own. Outlook and Open took on their own.

When industrialists lobby for someone to be minister and succeed that leaves a question mark on the behaviour of prime minister.

Some weeks back Ratan Tata made a statement that he had refused to pay 15 crore rupees as bribe to get his airline cleared. If he lobbied for a corrupt minister to be in the cabinet and that becomes public knowledge that does not make India a banana republic.

When any channel or newspaper is selective in exposing corruption it becomes partisan. NDTV is said to be pro-UPA. On 24/11/2010 Nidhi Razdan said we will continue to focus on Yeddyurappa. That is good but what about continued focus on corruption in Commonwealth Games?

Barkha Dutt’s reputation is in tatters. Vir Sanghvi had a question mark over him when a taped conversation published in Hindustan Times was said to be fake.

In one conversation someone tells Nira Radia he has arranged Arun Shourie to be replaced by Venkaiah Naidu to speak on budget proposals. Arun Shourie would have spoken against a proposal that favoured Mukesh Ambani. Arun Shourie confirmed a conversation about him. Arun Shourie confirmed a conversation about him. In a party meeting he had spoken against that proposal. He said he was to talk on budget proposals as BJP’s lead speaker and had prepared for a week. The day he was to speak he was told Venkaiah Naidu will speak. He said the voice of the person who spoke to Nira Radia was of N. K. Singh.

Nira Radia tapes can become significant like Watergate tapes which forced Richard Nixon out.

Some questions about Nira Radia tapes.

Income Tax Department tapped Nira Radia conversations. What was the purpose? Who authorised tapping?

If there was no evidence of tax evasion why tapping did not stop?

Why were the tapes handed over to CBI and Enforcement Directorate?

Why is Nira Radia questioned by Enforcement Directorate? What is her crime?

Who leaked the tapes? It is possible that many sections of media knew about the tapes and kept quiet.

It is said 5,831 conversations were recorded, most of them private. They have nothing to do with appointment of ministers, budget proposals and so on. Do people in Income Tax Department have nothing better to do than record private conversations, listen to them and distribute them?

Right to privacy is part of Right to life and liberty. What is the punishment for breach of privacy?

On 29/11/2010 Ratan Tata moved Supreme Court to stop the publication of tapes of his conversations with Nira Radia. Government ordered an investigation by Intelligence Bureau and Central Board of Direct Taxes into the leakage of tapes. Why investigation by two agencies?

Cursed be the corrupt

In India corruption has reached stratospheric levels. Thousands of crores of rupees are siphoned off. Criminals get away. An ordinary citizen can not do much in his fight against corruption. RTI activists are killed. There is one thing an ordinary citizen can do and that is to curse the corrupt and criminals.
Cursed be every corrupt President of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Vice President of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Prime Minister of India.
Cursed be every corrupt Speaker of Lok Sabha.
Cursed be every corrupt Governor.
Cursed be every corrupt Chief Minister.
Cursed be every corrupt Speaker of Legislative Assembly.
Cursed be every corrupt minister of India in union government or state government.
Cursed be every corrupt chairman of Legislative Council.
Cursed be every corrupt MP, MLA, MLC, corporator, member of zilla parishad or Panchayat.
Cursed be every corrupt politician.
Cursed be every corrupt Election Commissioner.
Cursed be every corrupt judge of the Supreme Court, High Court, district court, sessions court or any other court or tribunal. Let every guilty person let off by them be tried again and be punished.
Cursed be every corrupt Attorney General, Solicitor General, Additional Solicitor General and Advocate General.
Cursed be every corrupt bureaucrat.
Cursed be every corrupt IOA official.
Cursed be every corrupt tax official.
Cursed be every corrupt CBI officer or official.
Cursed be every corrupt public prosecutor.
Cursed be every corrupt forensic expert.
Cursed be every corrupt policeman or policewoman.
Cursed be every corrupt journalist.
Cursed be every corrupt government employee.
Cursed be every corrupt magistrate or munsiff.
Cursed be every corrupt person in the army, navy, air force or any para-military force.
Cursed be every murderer. Let him/her be hanged.
Cursed be every rapist. Let him be castrated.
Cursed be every molester. Let him be in jail for at least two years for every case of molestation.
Cursed be every abductor, hijacker or kidnapper. Let him/her be hanged.
Cursed be every corrupt policeman or policewoman who does not protect the person in his/her charge and allows him/her to be murdered. Let the corrupt policeman or policewoman be hanged.
Cursed be every jailor who allows criminals to escape. Let him/her be hanged.
Let every corrupt person lose whatever he/she gained by corruption.
The corrupt and criminals will not be happy to read this. Some will not change.
Cursed be anyone who curses me and let lightning strike and turn to ashes anyone who wants to harm me.

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